Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Classmate ^^

Sorry if I didn't blog enough.. Haha.. Have been really super tired & lazy... So never have any mood to blog till all stall inside my brain... Lol.. Time to let out one by one..

FINALLY!!!! My boy stop crying in school.. & everyday was the first to run into the class.. Thanks for all Benson classmate mummies..! Because they r very onz when we asked for gathering to let the kids know each other better.. Been to kidz explorer.. & a mummy house for playdate.. & the effort really pays off!! Without hearing Benson cry when enter school is like seeing a rainbow.... Ok maybe I too 扩张 but is true.. The emotional stress that needed to be cope daily is scary... So now I can 放心 believing that he really enjoyed it...

Every morning woke up he will say he want Kor Kor & Jie Jie.... & happily change into uniform.. Then when i went to pick him up... He never failed to give me his cheeky happy smile... =) Soon School Holiday is coming.. I hope he won't forget his classmate & teachers....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Benson's 2nd Birthday....

Held a simple celebration for Benson Second Birthday... Checked in MBS to stay for a night... =) Invited Parents, in law, Friends to join us for swim & dinner & of course Cake cutting session... We enjoyed ourself very much... & Thanks to all the guest that joined us for this special moment... Benson is super happy when we sing Birthday song for him... & he clap his hand with us... Lol... I'm sure he knows is his big day.... Hope he will be cheerful, healthy, happy Baby ... We love U !