Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Benson's 3rd Birthday Celebration ( School )

Morning woke up to get Benson ready for school... Then head to Sheng Shiong to buy some snack & sweet to prepare goodie bag for his Birthday Party later on in school... =) We had ordered a cake for him too.. Before heading to collect the cake.. prepared everything & took a rest... Because Teacher say that preferred timing for celebration is at 2.30pm which is after their nap & also tea break..

Went Rivervale Plaza to collect cake & took a cab down to Benson school... =) The little kiddo just woke up not long from their nap.. As usual.. Look a bit on daze.. Haha.. Benson is super surprise when he saw me while walking down the stairs from his class... ^^ He smiled... Then he hold my hand to their canteen area... All the kiddo wow when they saw cake.. & keep saying " Racing car , racing car "... Yes! We pick a Racing Car design for Benson because we know he will love it! Some photo taking session... Singing Birthday song... Benson look so shy! Hehe... took a class photo too.. =) All his classmate look super cute...

When wanna pass out the goodie bag.. Benson say is mine.. Haha.. Think he still don't get the idea of giving out goodie bag to all his classmate.. But we explained to him after giving him a pack of goodie... =) After Celebration.. I fetched him home with me.. =)

The goodie...


Collected cake! & Mama is getting excited too!

The Racing Car Theme

Is made of  fresh cream..

Excited... & waiting
Look at that Happy Birthday Boy..

Teacher ask him to put up the candle on his cake.. =)

Lighting up..

Happy Birthday Our Darling Boy

His Classmate...

He look in daze.. LOL

Everyone having their share =)

 Lastly.. A proud Stay home mummy for 3 years.. =) I'm very proud of u my son... & Thank you for coming into Our Life... & Filled it up with Colourful Rainbow... Our life is full of laughter with u around.. We Love U.. & Always will be..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Benson's 3rd Birthday Celebration ( Home )

We had a mini party for Benson's 3rd Birthday at home on Saturday... We invited Family Members & Close Friends..... Benson had a great time opening present that evening... =) Woke up in the morning & start de froze the meat.. Because I will be the chef on that day! Home cooked food is serve because we didn't wanna order buffet... Cooked curry, veg, some fried food, Granny help to cook a pot of bee hoon... Dad bring some food too.. Is simple.. But i think the food is too much! Haha... Everyone having great time catching up.. & Finally is time for Cake cutting!

Benson is kinda shock when we bring out the cake.. Think he still doesn't know what's is going on! Haha.. Till we sing Birthday song for him.. He sing together too! The happiness in his eyes when he look at me just melt my heart... I give him a kiss on his lip & say Happy Birthday to him... =) I'm so happy... My boy is growing up! Cannot imagine I'm offically a mummy for 3 years & a stay home mum.. I regretted not taking any video..! Argh... haha.. the next post is celebration in his school have video! Hehe.. Stay tune...

Thumbs up for granny bee hoon!

Start opening present on the spot.. Haha..!

Kor kor is helping him to fix up the tracks!

Opening another one! Haha

This cake is so yummy!

Our Happy Family!

look how happy he is.. =)

Our youngest guest in the house.. =)