Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bowling Weekend

Went Bowling on last Sunday... =) Is Benson second time play bowling at the bowling alley... When we told him we are going Bowling.. He said " Yeah " with super excited tone.. haha.. He has always love bowling.. Hmm.. I don't know why.. haha come to think of it.. I did Bowling too when i was about 7 months preggy with Benson in my tummy... If one day Benson were to request to learn bowling.. I will be more than happy to enroll him into bowling... Haha... I joke with Hub saying " Maybe one day Benson will be international bowler? " Well... We will never know...

look at that cheeky boy... LOL... BTH

He is my strength...

The love of my life... =)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Making Ice pop

Went to Daiso on one of the week end.. & bought those container to do DIY Ice Pop... Benson is super excited about it.. Because he is a Ice & Ice Cream lover... We used Ribina to do it this time... Benson help to pour the Ribini into the container... =) & We waited for a while.. After Benson is awake from nap.. He ran in super excited mode.. Asking if his Ice Pop is ready... Is nice to enjoy a cool Ice pop in such a hot weather...!

He is so excited!

Tasting on his own DIY Ice pop

Looks yums...!

Heartache Scratches

After picking Benson up from the school bus.. While in the lift.. I notice that there is a scratch mark in between his neck & shoulder... =( I was quite heartpain which checking on that.. Because it looked kinda deep! & I'm very surprise that the teacher don't even know what is going on! & Yes.. I'm a little piss.. Maybe more of disappointed i guess... When i asked Benson.. he said his classmate " Calvin " hit him... So i called up the school.. trying to understand what happened... But sadly.. because the teacher didn't saw what happen.. so she need to check & get back to me...

I washed & apply cream on the wound.. & asked if he cry when Calvin hit him... He say he did... =.= ... I asked him why he didn't tell teacher.. He say teacher say cannot beat... But i'm sure he didn't complain to teacher.. Because teacher don't even know what's going on... So i reminded Benson that whatever happen in school... He must inform the teacher to let them know...

& Of course Hub Ben is super angry about this issue too... Well.. There is nothing much we can do.. Because When kids play or snatch toy.. this cannot be prevent... But was a little piss that they Calvin parents didn't cut his nail? In the end.. I wrote a letter to the school.. & speak to the principle...

Korea Food... Anyone?

Lately been kinda busy.. So didn't really update the blog... hehe... =) Meet up with Erica for lunch while Benson is in school... Went Chinatown to meet her.. & went to a Korea Restaurant to eat... Finally! Korea food... The Spring Onion cake is super yummy... Hehe... We had lots of fun eating & chatting... Great lunch!

What i love about Korea food is also because of their healthy side dish.. So many to choose from!

This is the Spring Onion cake...! Super yums...

This is pork & squid

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekend Chill Out...

There is a new chill out place at Punggol.. Which is quite near to our house... If u know where Stable Gallop is at Punggol... So we meet up with Steven & Wendy for dinner & chill out there... =) As for the food.. I feel that the only most worth main dish is their beef burger... =X But sorry i forget to take the pic of the burger... Because everyone is already busy eating by the time the burger is serve... Haha... They have some promotion going on.. Beer is 1 for 1 if before 8pm... & they have Tower night, Ladies night & Divers night... So do check them out if u guys are keen... =) We enjoyed our time there... But won't be having anymore dinner there expect for drinks only...

Spotted this interesting bicycle shop while walking to punggol point..

After dinner & chill we walk over to Punggol End to let Benson have his sand play & playground before we head home... I'm sure Benson enjoyed himself too...

Easter Bunny

Benson made a Bunny Ear Hat at school... When he drop off from school bus.. I took a few pic of it.. Because it looked damm cute.. Hehe... Even going dinner with Mother in law at the kopitam he also wanna wear on his head & bring over after dinner we went to playground.. =) Haha.. Kids.. Super cute & it brighten up my day.. =)

I'm Easter Bunny!