Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Benson 4 Months 5 Day Old

Benson is now 4 Months 5 Days Old... He lately don't really wanna drink milk.. & when he see us eat.. he keep giving us the " Give me some lei " look... haha... greedy Benson la... Haiz... i wanna start abit of soild for him.. but i'm scare lei... scare he will irritate his tummy... or having allergy... too many things to worry.. lots of mummy advise me to start on Friso cream first.. just a little bit to try first.. or start with pear puree... but one kind of food have to give 4 days min.. or 2 weeks max to see got any reaction first before starting another... i actually wanna start when he is 6 months old... i also scare that he will reject milk even more after i start all the soft food for him...

Yesterday went to meet Pat & also hubby for lunch at Suntec... so happy that my frenz is now 4 month plus preggy.. & also gynae say that 70 % is a gal.. hehe.. after that we went coffee & chat... so long never catch up... got so much to talk about.. i'm happy for her la.. going to be a mummy soon... Haha.. then went to see baby things la... benson is trying on baby cot.. haha... so comfy lying there... so i took some pic.. =)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Went Coffee with Sis @ Vivo 27/06/2010

Yesterday went to Vivo with Sis & Nephew for Coffee... because Hubby need to work on Both weekend... Haiz.. Poor thing la... like no off like that... sayang... Is been a long time that i never went shopping with Sis... yohoo.. i enjoyed my day.. Thanks Sis for buying me clothes... hehe... too long no shopping liao... so i feel very excited... ^^ After that Hubby come & find us after work.. Then he fetch us home... So tired & leg aching.. so long never walk so much liao.. haha.. lazy bum la..

Benson knows how to grab toys & put in his mouth liao... hehe.. now his fingers is more flexi... but the clothes book.. is soak with his saliver liao.. haha... so wet de lor.. no chance given when things put in Benson mouth... hehe... Lately his gum is so itchy.. keep on bitting & bitting on pacifier & teats... =.= Today i'm going to collect his play gym... finally got something new for him to play... ^^

Friday, June 25, 2010

Benson is 4 Months Old Today 25/6/2010

Benson is 4 Months Old Today!!!! 25/06/2010 Yohoo... Today went to polyclinic for Benson immunisation 5 in 1 jab Plus Pneumococcal jab... =( so heartpain seeing my Benson in pain... haiz.. but no choice... is for his own good... But he kana jab on both thigh... =( after jab we went back home after lunch.. Then this evening me & hubby go buy his milk powder & diaper... After we reach home.. Benson is having fever... but luckly is not very high 37.3.. But... Still.. i'm very worried... Haiz... i Hope the fever will go down after taking medcine.... i hope so... pray.... But glad that he is not cracky after come home... Benson Now weight is 6.455Kg... which is good... as long as his weight is 2 x his birth weight... that's mean he is doing fine...

But today i very upset about the doctor today... she hold Benson up on his feet... then she let go of one hand !!! Benson is just 4 months old.. he cannot stand on his feet yet... Benson nearly fall... & luckly nothing happen on his leg.. because i see he fall & bend his leg.. scare me to death..

Today is His 4th Month... So Granny boil a drumstick for him... just for a taste... is just a chinese tradition... haha.. but Benson is very greedy.. he keep bitting on it even when he got no teeth yet...When we took the drumstick away.. he wanna fuss & cry liao...haha i think is because his gum is itchy due to teething...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To Check Workmanship By CancanMum

Blk 603 C

Got some tips from Cancanmum about how to check workmanship for ur flat renov....

Love at first sight - The feeling and the ambience should be there. At one glance, you should feel that this WAS what i wanted. IF the 'feel' is not there, means either the proportion is wrong or the end product was not reflecting to the best its design intention.

Materials - Do some homework to study why and how materials are manufactured. Meaning from raw material till finished product and finally being put together on the door or plywood. Understand how they respond to bending, heating, scratching and touching. This will help you make an informed decision on which are the materials you should use or avoid for different areas as well as how to point out material defects to the contractor. Some materials will react differently after being put together or when bending is performed. Such understanding is necessary in order to build up good rapport with your contractor as they will respect you as a well-informed home owner rather than label you as a 'difficult' person to work with.

Unwrapping the present - We often see and touch the exterior and conclude that it is good or bad from outward appearances. This factor alone should not be a true indicator of good or bad. We should look out for more in-depth areas that truly reflect if this item was made to last or made to show. Reach out for the hidden or areas that most people will not notice. Feel the material. Was it finished or left as raw. Places that we often overlooked are areas underneath the drawers, under the counter top and underneath leftover space just between the cement base and the base of the cabinet. If we are talking about unfinished raw plywood, these will be the areas to start peeling if in contact with water.

Consistency - If given a wood grain pattern on the cabinet, look out for consistency. There should be at least 90 percent to a close match of the running grains or patterns. Mismatched wood grains or patterns just indicate saving of materials as well as not putting enough efforts to bring out the best in the material and design of the end product.
Tips for Home Decorating By SunShine07
Take a focal point in your room or the natural pathways. An example of this could be an ornate fire place, architectural features or placement of windows. Make this your starting point and start to design from one of these,

Choose your fabric, flooring and upholstery first, not the paint that you will use on the walls. You can always have paint mixed in any colour to compliment or match your soft furnishings when the time comes.

dont’t try to make things match, this is rarely effective! It is far better to have different textures, patterns such as floral and stripes which will add interest and style to the room.

Try not too make the room look too fussy by covering every surface with your treasures! Select the loves you love the most give them space to be viewed and enjoyed!

Determine which style of window treatments would be most practical and fit in with your design theme. The most common window treatments are blinds such as vertical blinds, or Venetian or traditional styled curtains used on their own or in combination with a blind. Choose the window dressing carefully as they do far more then just dress a window, they give you privacy, light, and insulation. As such they should always be an integral part of the design scheme not left as an after thought!

If you have thread bare carpets you have some great choices! Probably the most cost effective is to buy cheap rugs and cover the ‘bald’ bits! However, this is only a short term measure. Either replace the carpet or opt for the latest design trends and have stripped floor boards if you have wooden floors. The most cost effective way would be to strip the boards yourself, but this can be very time consuming, particularly if the boards are not in very good order or have layers of varnish to remove, in which case it may be advisable to obtain professional advice.

Benson 3 Months 4 Weeks 1 Day Old

Hmm.. i think the baby Ticker that show Benson Age... & Month is a bit strange... because he suppose to be 4 Month on Friday... but the ticker shows that he is already 3 Months 4 Weeks 1 Day Old... meaning is 4 Months 1 Day Old... Hmm... =.="

CafeMom Tickers

Haha... Anyway... Benson now know how to fuss & cry badly when after bath we carry him out from the water... he loves to bath & play with water now... =.= which is good la... but of course i don't like the Fussing & crying... but anyway.. is part of babies life to fuss & cry... haha... so just tahan...

Yesterday Benson is so tired that he actually KO most of the time... haha... but... i can't sleep.. so waited till 8 plus pm then sleep a little while... about nearly 9pm Benson woke up for milk.. =.= & My mens finally came after about 1 week late... Phew... but shag like a cow... every month this is the most tiring time for me...Benson now also know how to boo, boo.. till his pacifier out... zzz... below is the video... Don't know where he learn from...

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Monday, June 21, 2010

Benson so playful now...

Benson is getting very playful... even when we use towel to play with him.. he will still laugh very loud... haha so cute...

Lately my fingers have been very painful.. due to the crack skin on my thumb & index finger... it is because last time i work.. touching too much nail polish remover... i have been like that since i quit....

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 1st Father Day To Daddy Ben

Today is Father Day... 20/06/2010, is Daddy Ben 1st Father Day... Hehe... Me & benson love u ya... Muack... Today went for a simple lunch & watched movie.. Went home after that to pei our lovely Benson Liao.. Keke.. Anyway... Hubby... Thanks for all this while.. Being a wonderful hubby & Being the best daddy to Benson... When we needed u.. U r always there for us.. & thank for working so hard to support us.. When Benson start going to childcare... I will find a job so that u will not be so tired.. U r always so positive in many things.. I'm glad to have u around in our life... I love u Daddy Ben & I'm sure Benson love u lots too... Muack...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair Shaving @ 3 Months 3 Weeks 4 Days Old

Benson suppose to have his hair shave on his 4 Month... but we start shaving him early... Because on his actual 4 Month ... that day we bring him to get his 6 In 1 Jab.. so we don't wanna shave him on that day anymore... just in case after the jab he will be feeling unwell... Hmmm i hope not... sure will be heartache de to see my bao bei like that... so heartache to see him getting jab too... but is good for him la.. so no choice lor... pray that he will not have fever after that.... Pray!!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Benson 3 Month 3 Weeks 4 Day Old....

Benson is now 3 Months 3 Weeks 4 Days Old... I tried to let him wear his bib now... because he start drooling already.. =) This is a passing stage for babies when their gums is about to teeth soon... but of course not so fast.. it will takes about 2 months before we can start seeing teeth coming out from his gum.. so there is a long way to go... this is just a start... ^^ Lately i have been trying to intro some toys for him to play... he start to hold it with 2 hand already.. but most of the time the toys drop... but i have see my boy grow so fast... sometime i will look back when i just delivered him in the hospial.. he is just so tiny & so light when i carried him...

Now he start to know who is the mummy & daddy already... research says by the age of 3 months plus to 4 months... they will start to choose people around them.... but anyway... our lovely Benson is so close to me & hubby... so we r very very happy la... =)

Today i have such a silly thinking... Benson now love to hold my fingers.. Love me to sayang his head, Love me to kiss him.... But what happen when 10 years down the road.... everything will be different liao... they will start to feel we nag them... & also is shy to hold my hand & to even give him a kiss... they will sure complain... haha.. after thinking that.. i very sad... but haiz... just enjoy the moment now.... =)

Benson Journal :

~ He is drinking 120 ml of milk every 3 hourly
~ Still wakes up in the middle of the night for feeds
~ Cooing & Shouting more to test his voice box
~ Will Say ( Aiyo, Wei, Ma )
~ Smile lots ( Benson is always a very cheerful boy =)
~ Don't like people to talk too loud to him
~ Loves His beannie & Love to smell it...
~ Want to sit up
~ Neck is firm... but not so firm yet ( still need time )