Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, December 7, 2015

Naomi Birthday...

Been invited to Naomi Birthday! She is such a sweet lovely girl.. We had fun.. Even though the taxi driver who pick up there make me super piss off.. And heavy rain.. But it all end up good.. 

Indoor playground & Game!

Is really been a while that I didn't bring Benson to indoor playground.. When I'm a stay home mum I used to bring him for play date very often... I feel bad about it.. There's once we went to City Square Mall and walk pass Pororo indoor playground.. I promise Benson that I will bring him.. So! Deepavali ( hope I spell correct ) Papa Ben is working.. And I bring benson to play while waiting for Papa Ben! He is super happy! Spend a good 2 hrs there.. 

After dinner.. We have gaming session for a little while before heading home .. I enjoyed spending dating time with my lovely little boy .. Good bonding day.. 

Daddy Birthday!

Is Daddy Birthday.. So bought cake back to celebrate with him! He didn't join us for dinner because due to health issue he is controlling his diet.. 

Joe & Eva Wedding

I'm always super happy to go wedding dinner, maybe because we can feel the Love is in the Air! Benson love it too! When arrived at the hotel , just came out from taxi, benson suddenly feel unwell, vomitted.. But luckily he felt ok after that.. Hub went Mac to buy him nugget just in case Benson is hungry.. As U know wedding dinner normally started later than expected.. I'm glad that Benson always behaved well in wedding .. Peace