Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Genting 22 Sep ~ 25 Sep ( part 1 )

22 Sep :

Sorry for not blogging When i return because was spending time with Ben as he is on leave for the whole week.. & spending some family time together too..

Oh yes, We went for Genting trip again.. This time round Kareen & her family joined us this time!! =D which means double the joy & fun.. U know, sometime is really fun to have friends joining for trips.. Because we are both super easy going.. & our babies are almost the same age.. That's why we are sure that they will have fun together.. As usual.. We booked the morning bus to Genting.. So we went out of the house at around 5.50am.. Guess what!! I mistaken the timing... I thought it was suppose to be 6.30am bus.. Instead.. Is 6.15am.. =.=" we ended up running towards the bus when we reached Sengkang.. Thank god!! We are not super duper late.. But I'm feeling so ps.. Because the whole bus is waiting the 3 of us only.. Feel like saying sorry to everyone who waited.. Haha.. But anyway.. The bus faster zoom off after we board.. Benson doze off again just before reaching the custom ( same timing he dose off from the last trip ).. So his sleep was interrupted.. But luckily he was not cranky.. Phew! He hold his own passport while I carried him.. & he passed to the officer.. He smiled & said thank you =D I guess the officer was happy looking at Benson smile...

After 2 hours.. Finally!! We can get off of bus to get some fresh air & stretch our legs.. We didn't buy any breakfast there because we are not hungry.. Benson had his milk just before we reached Yong Peng.. Desreen & Benson went to see the Koi fish in the pond.. While we wonder around them waiting for the bus door to open..

After hours of ride.. We finally reached at 12.30pm! Went check in & put our bags.. Took a shower..

Then head out to mushroom farm for our lunch! Benson was not very happy & he refused to sit for lunch.. Normally what we do is.. We explained to him first.. If he wouldn't listen.. We will just let him stand beside & cry.. Because he needs to know how to wait for others even if he is not hungry.. After a while he gave in & sat down.. After lunch we went to see the turtle again! Of course the goose too.. The kids was happy! The weather is perfect..! Headed back to First world & prepared to have some indoor theme park fun!

We took train ride, car ride, carousel ride... But Benson love the car ride so much that he keep on queuing up for the same ride.. But choosing different car every time.. =D

First day is really not much to do because we didn't went for outdoor theme park because it closed at 6pm.. We planned to go the next day =)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Basketball Champion

Have been finding those basketball toy for Benson because he love it so much... Been searching high & low for it.. Finally I found it in Punggol Plaza... ^^ & Is only $6.90! I thought this kind of toy can be easily found in any toy shop.. But of course I don't mean those " Toy r us " kind of toy shop.. Benson was super happy when I showed him.. He faster say " Mama, I want go home ".. Because I told him I will only open it when we get home..=) So We had basketball game today! Is fun... =) & Benson was sweating all over... A super cheap & great workout for us!

He can't wait to be home.. =)

Checking out his new toy..

Lately He having sign of teething.. I think his gum is itchy!

The Champion

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Birthday...

When the clock strike 12am.. It means that I will be 1 year older..! My wish is super duper simple.. & Every year is the same!

My Humble Wish List:

1: All family & Love ones to be safe, healthy & happy..
2: Benson & My Nephew to be guai guai, Be happy always, good health
3: ( New ) For me to be able to slim down by cny next year because I have  
    been working my ass off about this..
4: Hub Ben & Me will have ever lasting love..
5: Sister Rom will be wonderful & My blessing for both Robin & her..

I'm a really simple & easily contented person.. Well.. This is me.. I will never expect anything more than a family photo & simple cake cutting session with my loved ones.. =)
Message to all my loved one
To Ben:
Thanks for giving me so much support all this while.. I know supporting a family is not easy.. & Thanks for planning another Genting trip for us.. I Love U =) Looking forward to have a great famly trip..
To Benson:
Firstly Mama had to say sorry to u.. U are 100% a planned child.. But after u are born.. Mama was affected by baby blue & slight post natal depression.. I wasn't sure about u at that time.. But I'm glad that mama had a supportive hub which is ur daddy & ur grandparents & yiyi that's why i walked out of depression.. My dear son.. Time has fly.. Soon u will be 3 years old on next year feb.. Mama & Papa will always love u.. & We are trying our best to give u the best that we can afford..
I love all the kisses & Hug when u needed comfort & u holding mama hands while u walk ... When you are scared.. U always said " No scare, mama here " .. U are indeed a brave boy.. =) 
Whenever I see u grow or thinking of it..  My tears will start to drop.. I sure that's the tear of joy & I'm proud of u.. =) Remember to continue holding our hands & giving us kisses & hug.. 

 I will never let go..
To Mum & Dad:
Thanks for always standing by my side to support me.. Both of you are not only parents to me.. U are my buddy, my soul mate.. & Thanks Mum for giving me a great childhood.... & Daddy I hope that ur health will be better.. & Hopefully not much drinking for you anymore.. I love u both very much..
To Sister:
Jie.. When we were young.. Our sibling relationship sucks.. & I'm glad that now we are doing great... & The bond we build is stronger than ever.. Thank you so much for helping us occasionally with Benson.. That's the reason that me & Ben can go for a movie date or dinner.. Really thank u.. Love u Sis...

Grace & Khai Wedding..

I hear " Wedding Bells " ringing again.. ^^ This time is Grace & Khai.. Actually I love going to Weddings.. Because it means that I will be about to give them my blessing & sharing this very special moments as a Friend.. This Wedding indeed is special.. Because they marched in with their cute son... =)
Wine, anyone?

Where mine i looking?
The Important man in my life
Still my fav.. & shark fin too.. ^^
Feeling the Love is in the air!

We didn't manage to stayed thru out the dinner... Because Sis is not feeling so well.. So we went off after taking table pictures with Grace & Khai.. But really thanks for inviting us to share this special moment.. I had a great time catching up with the ladies too.. =)

Dinner Weekend

Is been a busy weekend.. Because 2 night we are having a 7month dinner & a wedding dinner the next day... =)

Saturday Morning

Morning Hub Ben bringing us for a dim sum breakfast at Red Star.. Yummy! We love dim sum & porridge.. Benson had a few spoonful of porridge.. Is our second visit to Red Star.. Their food is really " Thumbs Up "

I busy cooking my ice cube la..

Guess what is in my mouth...

Oh! U mean u wanna take picture with me?

The love of my life

Why mummy keep taking my Pic Ar?

I say " Cheeze "

After having a full meal.. We went to Temple at Bedok to pray.. Benson is finding the cat again.. But too bad the cat don't seem to be around this time..
& We went to Bedok Swimming complex for some water fun.. I had never been there before.. The children pool was quite big.. & the floor is not slippery.. So is very safe.. We just sit in the pool to relax ourself while Benson is playing with his watergun..

Where is the cat?!

I'm looking for meow meow

Saturday Night

Ben & I joined my parents for 7th Month dinner at whampoa market.. My Sis took care of Benson.. As we thought Benson will love to play with kor kor rather than tagging us to the dinner...