Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Foodie Goodie

Actually I love cooking... After we have moved into our own home.. I had to cook all ny myself.. & Which given me a chance to explore what kind of cooking talent i have.. So far I'm really happy with it.. I love to try new dish.. New food.. & Most importantly I'm cooking for my love ones... Adding my love into my cooking just for them.. Or even cook for friends who came to be our guest... =) I enjoyed it... This post I wanna share some of the dish I have cooked... Some of the dish i cooked.. But I forgotten to take a pic of it.. =.=" But is ok.. More to come.. & more to add on into my food album.. If anyone keen to share new dish with me can pls leave a comment..

potato with minced meat..

Chicken chop rice..

Sweet & Sour Pork

Samba Beef

Chicken soup with herbal & Corn

Fish & Chip...

My fav black carrot cake..

Hub Fav Curry Chicken..

Exploring Punggol End

This week Hub Ben is on Morning shift.. So we decided to go to Punggol End.. To explore the park, jetty.. We been around there for a few times.. Reason is because finishing childcare center for Benson but we didn't really step into the park at all.. Haha.. Strange huh? I think so... There is only one bus that goes into there.. Bus 84.. U can take from Punggol interchange.. Alight at Punggol point.. Just 2-3 bus stop from interchange.. Very near to our home too.. =)

When we reach there is already 7pm.. Because I felt asleep at 5.45pm.. =X was too sleepy.. & also waiting for Benson to wake up from his nap.. The set is almost set.. The night comes.. Is windy there! We all love it there.. Benson love to sit down & look at the ship on the sea.. There is also a bicycle rental shop there.. Think us closed by 7.30pm because when we reached they preparing to close shop.. We headed to playground instead.. Benson is happily playing sand while me & hub sat down at the bench watching over him.. But the mosquito is really really irritating! Haha.. After a while we just buy a can of drink sit down & enjoy the breeze .. Benson keep pointing & chatting non stop saying ship ship...

One plus point on there is that there is a small police station just beside the jetty.. So is super safe.. =) about time to go home because is abt 9.45pm already.. Benson is a little upset.. But soon he is ok.. But he keep saying "sandwich" which is suppose to be " Sand play " =.= I keep correcting him on our way home..


Look how round the moon is for that night.. Just like a piece of painting..

He decided to get naughty & put sand on the steps...

He used to hate the feeling of sand.. Now he love it!

Argh The photo is so blur...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cooking? Anyone?

Benson has been very into cooking since young... That day he was fussing & crying at mum place when we say we wanna go home... So I give him a small metal bowl & plate saying that we will play cooking later at home.. =X I know is some kind of bribe to anyone.. But it work! We went home.. & I given him some dry corn since we don't really use it to make popcorn that often... Haha! & a little veg... He played so well.. & he know how to act & sound like me.. He will say " Benson cooking... Shhh.. Wait ar.. ! " .. Kids nowdays is super fast learner...

The love of my life...

A Lazy Weekend..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Week!

Hubby Ben had been on 1 week leave last week... So we had spend so much time together as a family.. =) Feels great.. Bless, Blissful.. That's all I can say.. We didn't really went out to attraction places because now is school holiday.. Expect crowd everywhere... But we did something simple.. Like going to the park for waterplay.. Playground... Been to my mum place... & Market for breakfast! =) I know is really simple.. But Benson seem happy! That's what matter the most.. Oh! Hub Ben & I also had one day of dating time.. we went to watch movie... ^^

The best ride in the world.. On papa shoulder..

Waterplay in the park..

He had learned how to wear his slipper on his own.. We are proud of him...

Lately he like picking up leaves...

Our boy had grow up so much!

We going movie date later..

On our way to mum place =)

Ah ma bought toy for him.. AGAIN! Haha.. what a smart kid..

My nephew just got his present for his bday.. Is a set of Wii... LOL.. While they are playing dance.. Look what Benson is doing.. I cannot control myself but to laugh & take this few photo...

They are playing Wii.. Look how Benson dance!

I can't stop laughing while taking this pic.. Look at Benson face...

This Uncle who sell Rojak in his motorbike stall had been around my mum place for many years... Since i was about 6,7 years old.. I used to ask money from mum to go buy rojak.. Then Secondary school days when after school if i see him i will packed home rojak too.. Now.. I'm a mother of 1.. My hub Q to buy rojak from him too.. See! How time flies.. But the memories is still there... =)

Q for some childhood style rojak!

This uncle had been around for many years..