Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Am I the only one?

I sometime wonder.. Am I the only one that is mummy who feel stress bringing a toddler out? I don't know why I feel the stress... & I'm sure it has gotten all over me... I always tht bringing our lovely son out should be relaxing & happy.. But why?? M I losing my own ability to take care of my son outside alone? Or I depend on Ben too much? So much mixed feelings & question to ask... 是自己无能, 还是太过依靠?? I feel disappointed when I cannot handle Benson when he throw temper or cry outside... =(

Today went to visit Gladys newborn baby.... Hubby is attending a wedding dinner.. So he left earlier.. Then was thinking to pack food home... Realize no cab at the hospital.. Then decided to ask Luvena to send me to J8 since is nearby... After pack food... Went to taxi stand... The queue is horrible! Then one hand with food & another hand is 11 plus kg Benson.... Then no choice.. Was thinking go take train back home.. But Benson have no patience taking train... Only 2 stops he about to fuss... Then I alight at Serangoon... Thinking that Serangoon should be better.. But but but!!! The queue till bus stop there... =.=" decided to on call cab in the end... Maybe at that moment I'm getting emotional.. Or due to pms.. I nearly breakdown & cry..! But luckily got the call cab within 10mins.. Then head home.. Feed Benson dinner then took shower together.. I feel better again.. Shag!! My arms Is breaking, backache.. Tummy muscle ache.. Will head to bed early later I'm super shag!! Night all!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Benson 20 Months Old...

Have called up Carpe Diem to cancel Benson enrollment... They will refund the deposit to us... I don't know why I having mixed feeling about it.. Maybe we have been waiting for so long but choice to give up.. Feel a little 可惜... & worry is that the right choice I made... But anyway!! We must move on!! Hope he will be happy in Playgroup... =) I really hope so...

Benson take solid quite well now.. Guess is because he got more teeth le.. Haha... Today wanna bring him go playground.. But!! Sun so hot.. Then another playground got insect..! Eee!! So ask him want go sheng shiong buy water ma.. LOL... on our way walking saw butterfly flying ... He smile so happily la.. Haha..! Later hubby bring us to park for walk in the late evening!! Yeah!

Happy Birthday Daddy..!

Meet up with Mummy, Daddy, Granny, Hubby, Benson & Me to Singapore Flyers... Was excited!! Because was the first time... It was really nice to see the surrounding from above... & Yes.. We must count ourself lucky that we live in Singapore... Is a safe & beautiful country I must say... After that we went MBS since Daddy & Granny have not been there... we bring Mummy once... Then walk around.. Suddenly Daddy feel dizzy.. So we bring him to foodcourt to get some food... Then we took a Mrt ... to Punggol Riverside walk.. Meet Sis & Nephew there.. We Ate at " Xian Seafood & Bar " food is quite nice.. Then Hubby went to buy cake for Daddy.. Sing song, Blow Candle.. Took pictures together... We end our day there.. =)

I really enjoyed our day with my family members.. & to be able to celebrate my Dad Birthday together.. I wish Daddy health will get better... Because it hurts me to see him growing old & Sick... We must treasure love ones around us... Tell them how much u love them.. Treat everyday was ur last moment...

I LOVE U DADDY & MUMMY & LOTS & LOTS On my list...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Opening of " My Waterway @ Punggol "

Today is the Opening of My Waterway @ Punggol... Meet up with Kareen & Desmond &Their baby gal.. Desreen... We meet at Punggol for my fav Sushi & Ramen... Then took a LRT back to Damai.. Then walk to the park... We never expect that the park was so big... But is super nice there.. I'm so happy that our house is so near to this beautiful park... =) There is water sport as well... Today have alot alot of people joining in the opening... We walked about 2 hrs.. then decided to end the day.. Because the kids & us.. is all tired... sweating... But is fun after all... I love bringing Benson to park rather than shopping centre.. Because i feel relax when i'm at park.... =) Will have a early night today... Have been sleeping late this weekend... Looking forward to Tuesday... Celebration of Daddy birthday... !

Singapore Expo Meet Out!

This Friday meet up with buddy Florence, Kareen & Audrey.. We had prawn noodle for lunch.. Tasted quite yummy.. Benson love prawn noodle.. =) After lunch we went too Baby Fair.. Was super disappointed .. The fair was so small & limited.. Even wanna buy Benson milk bottle also don't have.. =.= but bought bath soap... A Mickey mouse pants .. & socks... But regretted that I never buy the car for Benson =( is only $39.90 which I feel so worth it.. =.=" but anyway is ok.. Always got chance.. The play mat they sell also quite cheap.. But no point.. Since Benson already walking.. =) Then after that Me & Kareen Went off first.. As Benson is getting cranky due to he is tired & needed a nap... Kareen came to our house for chat.. & so sweet of her to offer to paint my toe nails =) Thx!

Counting down to 20 months old...

Another 3 more days Benson now will be 20 months old.. Another 4month he will finally be 2years old.. =) actually even now I'm getting impatient when Benson throw temper at shopping mall.. I'm feel so lost at times.. I'm stress.. I didn't know how to calm him down.. But what I know is.. I still love him deeply... He had started to learn word by word... Lol.. Sometime I just feel is so cute... He been trying & trying.. Even watching word world he also learn some words from there.. Now he can say.. " mama, papa, ma ( my mum ) , school, ball, 家... LOL... so far so good.. He love to sing along too... & kiss kiss.. Sayang... He take solid quite well now... We guess is because his teeth is more Liao.. Can chew better.. Haha....

Friday, October 21, 2011

Darkest day...

Today is the darkest day for many who I know.. & Many who have follow up the news of the little gal who been run over by van & truck... She passed away today.. I have came to realize *some* human can be so heartless & selfish for not reaching out to a helpless kid that is lying on the road... If at that point of time when the first person who saw it happen came to help her.. She won't be dead now.. Things might have turn out a different way.. & if the mother of that gal is responsible enough to look after her.. Nothing would have happen... But now she left this world & she is free from pain & free from those heartless people that is living in her life... Alot of friend tear for her.. I really pray that God will look after this sweet angel in heaven ... Rest in peace Little Yue Yue..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleepless night...

This 2 days I'm having sleepless night... Even nap I also cannot sleep... Hump!! So tired yet keep turning here & there.. Feel restless =( today woke up with chest pain... I realize that when I got stress or too tired.. My chest will start to pain... Hope I will be able to sleep... Have taken muscle relax medicine to loosen my chest muscle.. It helps... But only took one because will cause very drowsy... Wish me luck..!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last few post I said that I'm searching for those 2-3hrs playgroup in Punggol area.. Called up a few centre.. Mostly is full day care centre.. Only get Tot's house & montessorri ... Sigh.. Posted some thread in Punggol website.. But not much respond.. So must keep searching on google or some other webby.. Enrollment starts now.. Class will only start next year.. =) wish me luck..!

Benson is already 19momths 3weeks.. Lol.. Our cheeky monkey boy.. Or u can call him hamburger.. Lol... He now understand more when I said I got some housework to do.. & ask him to play by himself for a while.. =) he will follow me around the house while I do housework.. & even help me out at times... ^^ he now drinks abt 240ml of milk max.. But I'm changing his bottle soon.. As his bottle is getting old Liao.. Haha.. Normally I change it every 3months.. Even is BPA free.. But still I change as is very often used.. He now will take out his pacifier when he want to go living room & play.. Haha.. A good start to wean off his pacifier.. =)