Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, December 23, 2011

Delay in blogging

Ar!!! I got so many post I haven post because I need to buy the photo limit again.. So I was stuck from my previous post... =.= anyway.. After Hubby help me buy then I will be posting again... Tomorrow will have a Christmas Eve Party at home.. So was kinda busy doing spring cleaning & packing.. Wish me Luck! =)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Benson 21 Months First week...

Benson is still having flu & cough... Actually he recover for 1 week already but the virus came back.. Don't know where he got it from... Sigh... So heartache everytime I see him cough.. Feels my lungs is coughing out for him... Might bring him to Doctor again as the medicine he has been taking for 1 week already.. But still no sign of recovery... =( Lucky thing is Is still very active.. But just tired I guess due to the flu medicine which will cause drowsy.. Hope he really get well soon...

Benson have not been eating much solid lately.. Wondering is it because he is sick.. But milk Intake r still ok.... Hope he grow strong & healthy.. Benson still love cooking very much.. He will play his cooking set that we bought.. & pretending to let me try the food that he cook... He will pretend to test it himself too.. Haha... =)

I have been trying my very best to let Benson have outdoor activity whenever the weather allow.. As now is end of the year.. Is our rainy season.. So alot of outdoor plan is cancel because of that.. I just hope that he is not bored staying home.. & Lately I won't be able to meet up with Aunt Liao.. Because don't want the germs to spread around... Hopefully Benson recover before Christmas Eve...

Benson's First HI 5 Show...

Bring Benson to Watch Hi 5 on Friday afternoon... He woke up from his nap at 2.50pm... Then prepare & head out.. Took a cab ... We reached at abt 3.45pm.. Show starts at 4pm... Phew.. We r on time... Lucky got space for us to sit inside... =) but they r late...! Lol.. Then all the kids gets super active when seeing Hi 5... Even Benson keep showing his Hi 5 Hand sign... Lol.. So cute.. But too bad he wanna leave when the show start half way... Then we walk around waiting for Hubby for Dinner... =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Happy Call.. !

My Happy Call has finally arrival a few days ago.. First try I did Pre Mixed Brownie.. But =.=" it burned on one side.. I think I took this burned cake very hard in my heart.. Because after that.. I have been dreaming thru out that night.. In my dreaming I keep on cooking & cooking non stop.. I know it sound silly.. But it impact my confident a little.. Maybe I just don't like the feeling of failing.. But anyway.. Try 2 more times.. I feel great after that.. =) hopefully I can cook lots of yummy food from this pan..

Nap pls come back..

Lately I don't know what happen to me.. I'm tired.. But I cannot nap.. Till end of the say I'm drained.. Hopefully my nap pattern will be back to normal..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas mood is here

Aunt came one night with her 3 kids & helped out to fix the Christmas tree.. =) & had dinner & drinks.. The kids really had so much fun till Angelina is crying when abt time to go home.. Haha... She always cry when we say bye to her.. & she tht she is sleeping over my place that night as after shower she wore her pj.. Hehe.. But anyway.. Really thank to my aunt who always be there for me no matter what.. After I moved our relationship had become closer just like friends.. We meet more often now because we live quite near to each other.. So we always plan to meet up or go each other house to chill & let the kids play.. =) Our Christmas Tree is finally up & now is time to countdown for our Christmas Eve Party.. =)

Ikea Trip..

Been a long long time since we step in Ikea after our car is sold... Is actually quite near from Punggol because there is a bus go straight by TPE then first stop is already Ikea.. =) quite fast.. Everytime I go Ikea.. I'm very excited of their " meatball" & of course very big space for kids to run about.. I feel more freedom there.. Don't know why.. It just give me the feeling.. We had our dinner their.. Ordered 20 meatball, 2 chicken wing, one kids meal for Benson, 1 pasta & a dessert for myself.. Super full.. " Burp " due to Hubby not eating much as he is not feeling well with his tummy.. So I finished abt 15 meatball & the rest of the food... Then Hubby bring Benson to the little kids play area which is in the dinning place.. & we sit around for a while watching over Benson play as we scare some kids r quite rough..

After the play.. We went to find our dinning table as we needed one.. =) finally found a quite worth it table & chairs.. Per set Is abt $140.. Plus deliver $55 & fix $30... After they delivered & fit it up.. I totally fall in love with it.. & glad that we chosen white.. =) had a really fun day.. & I met Felz there & we chat a little took a cab back..

Crazy crab night...

Went to visit Daddy as hear from Sis he is not feeling well.. Actually wanna bring Him for a crab dinner.. But last min his Frenz invited him to a full month party.. So he couldn't join us.. Bring Mum & Nephew along.. =) the crab tasted good! Maybe because too long never eat le.. Haha! But we all enjoyed the meal.. With a super full tummy back home..