Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love, Patience & Attention

God really heard my prayers asking for more Love, Patience &Attenttion towards Benson.. If u follow my blog u should know that the last 2 weeks I was very depress with how Benson behave.. & I wanted that siuation to change so badly.. I begin to pray in my heart.. & It does help me to pull thru.. & of course I wanna thank you to my Buddy & Friends, & a few Blogger mummies that private message me on facebook to show their care & concern towards what I'm facing.. & not forgetting those who commented.. & Hubby that is patting my shoulder & asking me to calm down..  Really thankful to many of u..  =)

I feel much more happier now... I'm more positive... I take my time to explained to Benson when he is doing something wrong.. Leave my housework alone at times just to spend time sitting down & play with him.. & I feel that he is happier too.. One day we were going to ntuc to buy some stuff for dinner.. & I asked Benson " Are u a happy baby? " He answered " Yes, I'm happy "... & I feel blessed because My child is happy..

Lately we had been doing lots of art work.. Simple painting, stamping, pasting.. =)

Benson had been eating better now even since he was sick from flu & cough the past week.. He hasn't been eating well... So We are very happy to see him putting food into his mouth again.. & of course I also making the effort to cook healthy soup as much as possible.. =)

We had been ok for now.. & of course I finger cross that when I blog this down , I don't jinx it.. U know? Sometime is really sensitive & pantang I should say.. Haha.. It happened before.. So I really hope this won't ruin everything...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hokey Pokey

Meet up with Florence to Suntec City.. Was thinking of having a playdate @ Hokey Pokey.. Meet up at 11am to had a breakfast cum lunch together.. Benson had recovered from his flu & cough.. & I'm happy to see him eating normal again.. Because last week he rejected every single food.. Only milk.. Well.. Back to topic.. We walk straight to Hokey Pokey after lunch.. There was not much people at that time.. Maybe is because is consider early.. Only 1 family is there.. We paid $22 plus after 10% discount using my ntuc member.. If u had OCBC card there will be 10% off too.. I feel that the pricing is a little high for such a small place.. But I can see that the toys are all good quality.... & is very organise place.. The staff is helpful too.. Benson & Isabelle had lots of fun there.. & I can say that is super kids poof there.. The only bad point I see is there is a drawer on the train set table.. Which might cause some accident on their little finger.. Well.. Maybe I'm those parents will think super deep on what will happen if not careful enough... Or others may say I'm too protective.. Is always better to prevent it at any cause... We had 4hrs of fun there.. & Benson fell asleep straight in his stroller after we left.. I'm amazed that he didn't make any fuss or meltdown when we say we are leaving in another 30mins time.. Maybe he is really too tired because is way after his nap time.. After that we packed dinner & took train back home.. train ride home was peaceful because my sweet heart is asleep... =) We had a fun day catching up after so long even thou we do text each other most of the time..

Review :


1: There is a highchair & high coffee table which able to let parents had coffee & good view of the kids playing.. Which is a thumb up for that place.. There is parenting mag there that u can read it.. I didn't read any because I prefer to watch over Benson while he play..

2: Place is clean & neat.. Staff will help to keep the toy almost immediately if no one is playing so no one will trip & fall.. Very attentive I should say

3: Great place for young babies that is learning to crawl , stand or walk to explore.. Lots of attractive toys that will get their attention.. & lots of ride on car


1: I'm not sure Hokey Pokey is going to attract older kids.. It stated till 6 years old.. But I don't think 6 year old kids will be interested.. Maybe the slide only..

2: Diaper changing table is very nearby to the coffee table.. & the height is almost the same.. cannot imagine if there is poo to clean up & everyone is facing the diaper changing table..

3: Pricing wise is not very worth if for $25.. But will sure be back there because Benson had fun over there.. But maybe not when he is older..

Finally a hair cut & blow curl...

Finally I went to trim away all my dry end on my hair... & I feel that my hair is getting thicker in a way that it make my head look bigger messy.. Haha.. But anyway... I was thinking of trying out a new salon just blocks away from where I stay.. Booked appt with them.. & went to relax myself, Getting hair wash, trim & blow.. It cost $28.. Which is a quite a good deal for me.. But guess not for the men.. Because normally guys haircut is alot cheaper.. Finally product.. I love the curl that she did for me by hair dryer.. & I might keen to do cold perm just before next year cny.. =) & I took alot of pictures with my curl hair because I totally in love with it... Yes.. U can call me a Vain pot...

Before going salon..

Look so funny...

Add in some effects.. LOL.. Bluff

Weekend ~ Cycling

On Saturday we decided to go cycling after so long.. Our tires is all flat out... Haha.. So we went to the petrol station to pump first before going to Waterway.. Benson get to play those outdoor waterplay there.. While me & hub sit down & chat... Is very simple but yet is so fun.. Children really doesn't need to spend too much money to make them happy... & Of course Benson had lots of fun playing with new friends & touching the water.. getting himself wet.. After waterplay we cycle back to pack dinner before heading home.. =)

He is so scare when we pump tires...

All Ready for some fun..!

Getting all wet.. Haha!

Is beautiful isn't it? I'm proud to choose Punggol

Sun is going to set.. So means Go home time..