Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, July 27, 2012

Joining In the Fun ~ Knowing more about Me, Myself & I

Inspired By Mummy Moo To do this list of question about knowing more about " Me "

1. If your lover / husband betrayed you, how will you react?
Hmm... First I will break down & cry.. might start to feel depressed a little.. After the heart breaking stage is over.. I think the anger will start to build inside me...  Divorce will definitely be the answer.. because I cannot live with a men that i don't trust for the rest of my life..

2.   If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?

I would love to travel around the world with Ben, Benson & My beloved family member.. & of course travelling need lots of money... So firstly I should hope that i would win Toto first price... =D

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?

Roar! I can be nasty at times.. If i got a chance to kick butt.. I think i would kick those backstabber butt & Woman which act like a bimbo...

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

I will put some money in the bank for interest, invest... Plan for holiday along with my parents & Sister.. Buy a car for Ben... & start up a Spa Biz

5. Would you fall in love with a best friend?

My Buddy ( Best friend ) is all Woman.. I love them.. but not those lesbian love ok?

6. Which do you think is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

If this question is asked 6 years ago.. i would say that being loved is more blessed than loving someone.. because sometime Love Hurts... But after I met Ben, He made me believe that i can love someone as deep as he loved me & feel blessed... =)

7. How long do you think you can wait for someone you really love?
Times waits for no one... If no chance.. I won't wait... Lesson learned... ( Don't waste time )

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

"Let go is the best choice" ... I believe in fate...

9. If you were to act with someone, who would it be?

Wen Rui Fan ~ Taiwan actor

10. Would you invite your ex-bf to your wedding?
Of course if we are still friends... But depends if Ben agree & won't mind =P

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
Hmm... I'm sure my big butt will still be there... maybe my breast will start reaching my tummy... LOL... Well.. Who knows? Maybe i will become sexy & slim? U will never know right?

12. What's your greatest fear?
My Greatest fear will be, seeing my love ones leaving me behind.. Or I will leave them behind ( Waiting in heaven ) ... Because the feeling is like a part of me had been taken away...

13. What kind of person do you think people perceive you to be?
When people first met me might think that I'm those very unfriendly person because when i don't smile i look super unfriendly.. But after knowing me.. I'm actually a very easy going type of person.. I think i'm a very fast warm up person.. After a while i will start chatting away... ^^

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
I'm greedy.. I want married & rich... Haha...

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Off my alarm.. & Starting to blame myself why I sleep so late last night.. Yawn...!

16. Would you give all in a relationship?

Yes I'm those who willing to give all in... No matter what..

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

If I can see the image of my future with him.. i will pick that one...

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?

It really gotta depends on what things that person had done.. Maybe after a while i can forgive.. But i will never forget...

19. Would you give up everything - including your life - for the one you love?

If u r saying giving up my parent because of the one I love.. Answer is no... Because i love them deeply as much as they loved me... If u r saying Life... Yes.. Without a second thoughts..

20. Do you prefer being single or being in a relationship?

Hmm contradicting question... Shh ( keeping quiet ) But I'm glad that I'm happily in relationship ( Married ) now..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Sunday...

Oh yes is a back dated post... ^^ Last Sunday bring my mother in law to whampoa market where my mum stall is for breakfast... But i tabao back because I helped my mum a little at the stall... =) Ben went to Q for the famous carrot cake... We went to buy Benson socks, tee, shorts before heading home... Over there is super cheap... Tee + shorts is ony 3 set for $10... =) Good buy! Socks cost only $1.80 per pair...

After breakfast we went home to rest then head out for a swim since Benson doesn't wanna nap... But he fell asleep on the way to the swimming complex at Serangoon.. Been super long never go to the swimming complex there since we moved to Punggol.. nearest is Sengkang swimming complex.. I realize the bad point with the pool at Serangoon is that the floor tiles is super slippery... So if anyone going there pls be careful & wear those really non slip slipper... & I didnt know why is the life guard stopping me from taking photo of my son... There is no sign or anything that written no photography can be taken... but anyway i didn't know.. so i snap 2 photo before Ben tell me that the guard is trying to stop me... Funny har...

Classmate Gathering!

It has been quite a while that we didn't meet up for gathering.. Due to everybody is busy working, dating, newly wed & of course me ( busy with my stay home wife & mummy role ) =) So this meet up is also because Fiona came back for visit.. She is perm staying in ( Sydney ) ... We meet up at one of our classmate home ( Linnett ) .. Lucky me because her house is just few blocks away from mine.. Which means I can walk there ^^ We decided on a pot luck session.. So everyone will bring a little snack to her place.. I bring Benson along but Ben didn't came with us.. He went dinner with mother in law because she came for visit .. But anyway.. Me & Benson enjoyed this gathering very much.. =) everyone changed so much.. I'm a mother of 1 now.. Which is the very first mummy in the class.. But I'm proud of being one... ^^ is great to heard that everyone had apply flat in my area.. Jia Ning is getting married soon.. Jenny just had her wedding few months ago... Fiona is happily married in Australia.. Linnett is planning for their first baby.. Really hope the good news will come soon!! Ming Quan is like our brother... We have grown up so much... not those childish kids anymore!

Is been super super long... Since I left school when I was in secondary 4 ( I quit half way , because I preferred to work than study ) we never really keep in contact because everyone is busy studying for their " N " level, then went to ITE.. As for me is busy working everyday.. Our life , subject is different, totally different.. I used to feel left out.. Because most of the topic is abt what course they choose to study.. Etc.. But after this meet up.. We have more common topic.. But most importantly We still make this effort to meet up.. Even they r in my Facebook... But still.. Real life meet up makes lots of different.. Right? Was a little disappointed when I know that Amelia ( we r best pal ) is not coming due to gastric pain... They actually bought cake to celebrate Jenny & her Birthday... =) How sweet when people who cares remembers our birthday.. I'm really thankful for so many wonderful people in my life.... They made me feel young again.. Haha...

Benson is super happy playing with auntie & uncle.. They dote him =p when he saw the cake... He thought is his birthday..! I think 100 % of the children r the same!! Haha.. He will look at camera take picture, sing birthday song, & blow candle... Lol just like his birthday.. He also keep running to the mirror looking at himself & start smiling like he saw his friend.. Kids.. Cute.. Creative.. Good imagination.. Haha... When we need to say good bye.. Benson is very upset.. But I promised him that there will be next time .. & he will be able to see auntie & uncle again..

( Sorry that the photo is not in large size because i dont know what's wrong.. & i cannot resize them after the first photo.. )

Monday, July 23, 2012

Our 4th Anniversary

Is Our 4th Wedding Anniversary... =) Sis had offered to help us take care of Benson so I can pamper myself after so long ... Sis bought me a manicure & pedicure with spa treatment package @ Nail Palace in Nex.. So went for my long due manicure treatment... Then went for hair cut ( Sis intro me to Hair Inn @ Level 3 )  while waiting for Ben to off work... He was a little late.. So after hair cut I walk around in the mall... I feel totally relaxed , pampered.. & feel like a brand new me once again... ^^ Then we went to food court to eat our fav Teppanyaki.. We went to play arcade for a little while before picking up Benson & head home... Is simple.. But I feel loved... & That's the most important to me...

世界上没有完美的婚姻,不过如果彼此包容,谅解,体谅,这才是婚   姻之道。

" A Happy Marriage is the union of Two Good Forgivers "

Happy 4th Anniversary My Love " Benedict "

Racial Harmony Day

Benson had just celebrate his very first Racial Harmony Day in his playgroup.. =) luckily I was in time to find a Chinese costumes for him.. Because teacher just Inform us 1 day before the celebration.. & I wouldn't want Benson to feel left out in his very first Racial Harmony party... So I called up my Sis to ask her if they still keep my nephew Chinese costumes.. Phew!! They had kept 2 costumes... Hehe luckily it fit Benson very well... =) Benson must be wondering why is he wearing a different outfit to school today.. & I can see that he is proud to be in his Chinese costume... We reached school.. & seeing all his classmate is wearing all kinds of outfit.. Really make them look super cute!! Teacher said She will be having a group photo taking session... They given them snack & sweet... Even marshmallow.. Well.. We r not into marshmallow so Benson didn't touch any of it... Only the sweet will make him excited..

After picking him after school.. Teachers inform me that Benson fell down during lesson.. Because all the kids r very excited so begin to push around.. He fell on his back & hit the curbe on the wall.. He cry for a while.. Teacher J apply medicine for him.. After observing at home.. No swelling or blue black.. So I guess is fine.. But he still remember till today that he hurt his back during his party..

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sakura ~ Punggol Marina country Club

We went Sakura Sabu Sabu with Sis, Robin & my nephew... We have a great time eating their BBQ... Hehe.. We went quite a few time... But is been quite long since the last trip there... =) after dinner we went to play the arcade . =P  We had so much fun... !

( Note : Lots of photo )