Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Taiwan Trip 31 Oct 2016 to 6 Nov 2016

It has been my personal goal to be able to bring my family & love one to travel and explore the world as much as I can afford to. For this time Me and Hub Ben decided that we shall visit Taiwan again. Our first and last Taiwan trip been many years ago when we are both on our Honeymoon. & Benson is made in Taiwan. Hahaha. another reason to visit there is also due to my parents and granny. For first far trip will be easier for them with Chinese food that we commonly eat and speak Chinese as well.

We have book Airbnb instead of hotel for stay when we are in Taiwan, So that we are able to feel at home. And another good point is to be able to wash and dry our clothes during the 7 days in Taiwan,

This time we only cover Taipei. We travel mostly with Public transport like their Metro train. As Taipei is quite easy to travel around. I have did quite alot of research on places to visit and on how to travel from point A to B. We have only engage one day with driver to fetch us around for further places, Due to this trip we have old age granny and young Benson.

Let the photo do the talking!

Finally Travelling with the people I love

Benson Second Plane Trip , First Is Bangkok

In Taiwan, Of cos street food and Nightmarket is our main goal

hub Fav dessert 
Is happy to travel with great granny

Being Cheeky With my Dad

Going to sit on Cable car! Benson first exp

He is so Happy & Excited !!

That Smile is all I need

The Cable car will lead us to Taipei Zoo

Next will be more Visit on Scenery !

Wanna do a Jump Shot, LOL But didnt turn out so wel.. Hahaha

My Dad did it better than me!!

Somemore Food Again!

Another thing that I Love in Taiwan is " So many small games in nightmarket to entertain Benson "

And Of cos not Forgetting Taipei 101 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Little Baker!

Benson love helping out in the kitchen, To be honest mummy baking is lousy, Haha thats why ready mix brownie flour is best for noob like me! Benson have lots of fun mixing all together.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Benson First Dental Appoiment

I feel is time to bring Benson to Dental , Last time I feel he is too young for it. But now I think is time to Start having regular cleaning. Hahaha Maybe because My teeth is ugly, I hope my boy one is better than mine. Haha. Few days before appointment, We have talk about it. Say what to expect during checking and what it will feels like. Benson is very ready for it! So here we go.

While Waiting for his Turn =D
Getting handsome when having his teeth cleaned!

Dentist letting him see what he is doing inside his mouth

Just wanna be Mum!

When 2016 started, I learned lots of stuff and reminded myself lots of stuff too, Example, To let go of work during MC, Let go of work during On Leave. Not to get Flare up on little stuff. As I always reminded myself that I'm Not GOD. I cannot solve every single stuff. As in work I can always let my colleague who is willing to help me when I'm on leave or sick. I have learned. To love myself and Treasure my time spending with my boy too. I used to work alot when I'm on leave, When I'm off duty, after work timing when I'm suppose to spend more time with my boy. I reflected one day. And tell myself is enough and is very unfair to Benson. So I stopped totally!

After P1 Orientation, While we still have some time together, While waiting for hub to off work. I decided to bring Benson out for some fun, We went to Pororo Park! Indoor playground which Benson been telling me he wanted to go =D He is damm happy la! And I of cos wanted to be not a working mummy, But is MUM! I diverted my calls to my colleague. No logging in email, no picking up calls. We enjoyed our day so much!