Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pony Riding, Fish Farm & Turtle Museum

Mum & Dad is off on Sunday.. So we planned to go to a few places with Benson & my nephew.. Mega Family day! Do note that is going to be a long post with lots of pictures =)

Ben rental car for the whole day as Daddy requested... =) First Stop!

Pony Riding: Gallop Stable

61 Pasir Ris Green 
Singapore 518225
Tel : 6583 9665

Think most of u would know that this is located at Pasir Ris Park.. There is horse feeding, riding, cafe.. The kids was so excited when they reached.. Because they saw 2 pony.. Wanted to touch it.. But one of the pony don't look very happy.. Maybe because we haven bought any hay to feed them.. So we went in to explore the place.. Saw a full size horse is having exercise.. Erm.. I mean running.. I suppose the horse need daily exercise to keep fit & healthy.. We couldn't take the eyes off the horse because it really look beautiful.. =) after that.. We went to the counter to purchase ticket for pony ride for my nephew & Benson.. Bought 2 pack of hay too.. Is $1 per pack.. But sadly the packing is super small compared to animal farm.. But anyway.. The kids happily go queue up for their pony ride.. Benson is the first... The staff who guide the kids is super friendly & nice.. He put on helmet for Benson, carried him to sit on the back of the pony.. Off they go.. =) He is totally not scared at all.. & he enjoyed it so much.. After Pony ride.. We went to feed the pony.. =)

The horse is doing exercise..


Look how cute he look..


Fish Farm: Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1
Singapore 519352
Tel : 6287 3883

Is located nearby Stable Gallop.. Is at Pasir Ris Farmway.. bought 4 packs of fish food, $1 each... Then went to feed the Koi fish.. =) after feeding.. We walk around the farm.. Seated down & have a drink from the vending machine.. The weather is super hot.. There isn't much things there other than buying fish & feeding fish.. But i love there because is super spacious

Can i go there?

Daddy is a super fish lover..

Seem like he is counting the fish food.. =.=

My nephew.. =)

Koi Fish...

Daddy Ben joined in the fun!

There is swing in the farm...

So BIG! Don't know what this call..

Mum checking out the veg.. LOL...

He call this " Flower water "


Turtle Museum: Chinese Garden

1 Chinese Garden Road,
Singapore 619795
Tel: 6268 5363/6271 1846

Was longing to go visit Turtle Museum... Ticket is $5 adult & Children $3... I feel that is a good experience.. But Benson is not so keen on looking at those turtle in tank.. He is more interested in feeding the turtle.. U can buy the veg for $3.. Dry food for $1 per pack.. Some turtle look super scary to me... But I don't think I will even go there again.. Haha... Anyway.. after the Turtle Museum we went strolling around the garden since is been so many year that we haven been there... Half way.. It rained! So we ran back to outside the museum for shelter... after a while we head back to car.. & went to IMM for our late lunch.. Everyone is super hungry! =)

They decided to run...

Ben buying tickets


This one is super big thats why can only throw the veg in..

Happily eating veg

He still trying to sort his finger for posing..

Benson wanna feed turtle...

Nowdays we only can carry like that.. Haha..

This one got Alien eyes...

Snake Head Turtle

This large Turtle is walking everywhere...




Saw this while strolling in the park..

 First time.. One day we visited 3 places.. =) Is fun.. Tired... But is all worth it...

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