Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nasty Flu Virus Attack!

Hub Ben just recovered the week before.. & Suddenly i develop a fever on Wed evening... fetch Benson after school.. Had dinner & had a early sleep that night... Next Morning... When I check Benson.. He is having fever too! =.= He had just recovered from Flu & fever a few days only.. & This nasty virus came back! Bring Benson to the Doctor... & feed medicine... The first night... In the middle of the night... Fever came up to 39.9... Is super scary & worrying... Is too high... luckily medicine & sponging bring the fever down a little... =) Now he is fit for school again... I really hope that this will stop... & Hope it goes away for good...

I had recovered too... At that point of time when a sick needed to take care of another sick is quite depressing... But we walk thru it... =)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Member to Ling's Family

We have a New Member In Ling's Family!  Let me intro " Ginger " ... We adopted Ginger thru Cat Welfare Society.. I fell in love the first time I saw his pic.. & contacted Doris which is his Fosterer at that time.. Visited Ginger once at her place.. & decided that we should adopt Ginger.. Of course there's work to be done before bringing Ginger home.. Went Home Fix to buy net & net up our gate & window.. Have to make sure that our home is cat safe.. As u know we wouldn't want Ginger to get lost or fell out of the window.. Bought all the basic stuff like Litter Box, Litter sand, food.. Toys.. 

I bring Ginger home on Fri .. 4 Oct 2013.. 
He is kinda scare at first.. But now he is getting along very well & comfortable at home already.. ^^ eating very well now.. & he love to join our ping pong game.. Chasing the ping pong ball.. & paper plane.. Benson love him very much too.. Daily will play with him.. Treating like his own didi .. Now in the house is full of laughter.. & we are happy =)

Having Fun at Compass

Bring Benson to Compass Point to have some fun since He had recover from fever.. Went to game, library.. & just when we are abt to leave the mall.. We went to check out the bouncing castle as they have some event going on in the mall.. $3 for 10mins of play.. So we go for it.. ^^ Benson had great fun playing the bouncing castle.. 


As usual before heading home.. We will grab a ice cream from Mac ^^ Benson grow up so fast!! He will always be my love.. My 宝贝.... 

Relaxing At Home

This is a back dated post as I'm super sick lately.. After Benson recover.. One of the weekend we are relaxing at home.. Just laze around together on bed.. ^^ felt happiness.. Hehe.. Benson get jealous when hub Ben hugged me.. So he join in by resting his head on my tummy.. =.= he even pinch my tummy fats!!! Haha..

Evening I told Hub I had craving for Sushi & Ramen.. For so long already I still have this craving!! So we went Punggol Plaza..  Yummy!!!