Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve... 2010 to 2011

Today is fianlly the last day of 2010... Counting down to 2011... Hmm this year... Consider a Happy Year for me... Because Benson came to our life in Feb2010.. Me & Hubby still so lovely.. & gotten our House key... =) So everything went on quite well for 2010... & of course 2011 Will sure be a better year too... Because we will be moving to a home that we called our own..having our own space & a change of life... Even lifestyle will change too... Nowdays have been really busy with shopping for our home.. so tired... & guess what.. i falls sick.. maybe too stress about moving house... need lots of packing & when move there lots of unpacking to do too... Hopefully my illness will go off soon... if not sure very xin ku.. more & more stuff needs to be done.. sometime i do have the thinking that.. if i have enough money i will sure wan a maid.. haha.. but hor.. no point la.. when Benson 18 Months he will start going to pre school.. such a small house.. if got maid.. we will be looking at each other at home.. haha.. waste money... Hopefully my nail biz will pick up... & can pay off some things for house... =)

I Hope That Everyone Enjoy their New Year Countdown today ! & have a Great Year ahead... =) Cheers..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Motherhood Mag Christmas Photo Contest 2010

Remember i took Benson to the Photoshoot for Christmas Contest? Today kim send me a Photo that is selected to the contest.. so now will depends on how many vote we have.. anyway i'm not very keen about the prize.. but just for the fun of it.. & letting Benson to experience photoshoot again.. because this is his 2nd time doing shoot...

Benson have been very brave.. he will hold onto me in standing position then let go of his both hands then he stand a while on his own.. hehe... hopefully he learn to walk soon.. but no rush.. i was never rush to let him learn things... Haiz... 30 mins ago.. Benson just knock his forehead on the floor... =( at first never see any blue black.. but now i saw it on his left eyebrown there... I feel i failed my duty as a mummy to protect my baby from falling... The knocking sound keep flashing in my mind.. heartpain la.. =( Now must see if he got feel drowsy or vomit... He just asleep for his nap.. Milk intake before his nap is ok.. Feel so bad... Benson cough have been really better... still got phlegm.. & very slight cough... 

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Lately i have been losing sleep.. cannot get myself to sleep or rest thru out the whole day... even nap i also cannot sleep... night turn here & there till.. 3 plus am then fall asleep... & I'm finally sick.. having sore throat & aching body... pray that i won't get any worst... Time to feed myself some medicine...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wedding Dinner @ Hilton Hotel

Yesterday Went to Patricia Baby Full Month Then Night Attend Wedding Dinner at Hilton Hotel.. Hmm.. I feel that the food is not worth the price..Food so so only.. but i like the Fish & the Duck... The Shark fin has been change to Bird Nest.. to save the earth..  The size of the food also a little nia... quite disappointed with a 6 Star Hotel... But the service is ok.. But hor.. no lift to the ballroom lei... so strange lo... haha...Never Bring Benson because he is still sick.. But will bring him to the Next Wedding if got chance... =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Party & Benson 10 Months Old

Yesterday Benson turn 10 Months old.. Hehe... He is now quite good at holding stuff with support to stand... & sit quite well... His cough seem better today le.. but still.. i carry on feeding medicine today..

We went to Florence Place for Christmas Party Yesterday... Food is yummy & the Kids is having fun.. Benson too... Hehe... i'm quite tempted to get the Winnie the Pooh mat.. but is just too ex... 100 plus for one.. =.=" Might consider saving money for that to put at our new home as the base of his playing space... I enjoyed my day.. but hor.. Benson reached home le keep fussing... don't know why also... might be teething ba... Benson got a few Presents... hehe... Thanks to all the mummies who bought present for him... =)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Video Of Benson ~ Age 9 Months & Benson First Christmas Eve Outing

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

~ Wanna Touch Daddy's Lappy.... ~

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

~Crawling & wanna touch sis com =.=" ~

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

~ Wanna Stand in cot.. but pacifier drop... ~

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

~ Trying to stand in Cot ~

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

~ Crawling in chalet.. ~

Sorry that till now then upload video.. because something wrong with the com... Enjoy.. 

Yesterday Having a peaceful Christmas Eve with Benson & Hubby.. I loving it ya.. hehe... Benson Yesterday night cough not so bad le.. but till 3.30am.. cough came again.. no choice but to carry him up & feed him medicine... Haiz.. sometime i m very angry with people that fall sick in the house... The reason is ... 1) They don't go see doctor.. keep on thinking that they will recover by themself... 2) scare to waste money =.=" ... 3) Cough never cover mouth.. germs is all around the house... 4) Never take any medicine till it really got worst then take... 5) Smoke in living room... 

Well.. that's is all i wanna vent about.. Haiz... Just hope Benson recover soon... 
Yesterday night went to Vivo for a while.. was hoping that Hubby can get his shirt in Mark & Spencer.. but they closed early due to Christmas Eve... well.. Everyone deserve to enjoy Christmas & Holiday.. so no complain about that... Then we walk around taking Pictures... with Tall Christmas tree in Vivo.. I love that Tree... ^^ Then Bring Benson to Toy R Us... hehe... he had fun there... He love Sitting in the car at Toy R Us... =.=" keep on looking at daddy... with his eyes saying.. " Can i buy this " hahaha... cute la...