Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, December 23, 2013

December Baby Birthday Dinner

Haha... Some of them is not Baby anymore... Oops! My Sis & Nephew Birthday is on the same day.. So which means... My Sis Celebrate one of her Birthday in delivery suite... & Transform to be come a mother... My Cousin too is Dec Baby... So Family gather for a Birthday Dinner for December Baby... We went to Nex.. Ding Tai Fung... Too Bad Hub couldn't join us due to his work... Haha.. I send food pictures to him.. Thought sharing.. But he is sad... haha... We enjoyed gathering... It Gather Everyone & Bond us together...=) Shall have more of this kinda event... Is fun



Benson been super duper upset & cranky when we wanna go home liao.. He cry & scream non stop which is so unlike him... He really miss kor kor alot & wanna spend more time with kor kor... It upset me at times... after a while he calm down liao... But still reminding me he wanted kor kor.. 

Christmas Present Came Early!

We Promised Benson that we will bring him to choose his Christmas Present... Meet Hub at City Square Mall after his work... Just nice to catch Thomson Show! hehe

 After that we went for dinner.... Then to Toy R Us for Benson to choose his Present! =) How I wish I'm a kid =.= .. Nowadays toys is amazing! Not like last time simple simple one.. Haha.. He is super Happy with his toy... Happy Kids = Happy Parents....

Brayden's 1st Birthday

Thank you for Inviting us to share the joy.. =) First Birthday is always full of excitement! Actually I mean all Birthday! Parents gets excited too.. Benson is happy that all Uncle & Aunties he love is there... Nice food , Cupcakes & Birthday Cakes... & Guess what! Those Beautiful Cakes & Cupcakes are done by Brayden Granny... Super Talented Lady! I wish I have her skill haha.. But too bad.. I'm really bad with Baking.. Poor Hub Ben... haha... But anway.. We enjoy our weekend attending Brayden Birthday... More to come.. & Nice gathering too... =)

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Parents Meeting Session 2013

So is Year End Parents Meeting Session to talk about Benson's Progress in school... All went well... =) Teachers has good feedback for Benson... Is a proud moments for the parents.. Haha... But Sadly.. Hub Ben need to work... So he can't come... He is kinda disappointed i guess... But anyway... Our time slot is 10.30am... After the meeting session... We head to Punggol End a little while... The sun is getting super hot after a while & we decided to head home...

Christmas Tree Is Up!

This will be Benson 3rd Christmas.... Now he is older le... Benson will request to fix up the Christmas Tree... Which I love to do that too! Christmas is my fav season of the year.. Is about Sharing... & Gather all the love ones together... Especially Kids! They will have gift & present exchange... Benson help me to put up the deco on the tree.... =) Is very fun..

Hub Ben Meet Us at Plaza Sing for dinner.. So after fetch Benson had shower we went to meet Hub... =) Had Dinner at Xin Wan HK Cafe... & walk around.. Went for gaming... Haha after gaming walking pass the popcorn stall at the movie there.. Benson requested for popcorn... So we bought Popcorn but without going movie... Haha this is the first time... Then head for some Ice Cream at Mac

 Mama ( me ) Cannot resist the temptation from La Senza! Been resist to go.. But Hub Ben keep asking me go in see see... haha.. & I give in.. Go in see.. Haha.. LOL I let Benson wear the rabbit ears that La Senza is selling... So cute...