Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Birthday 2015

Had a nice dinner and cake cutting session.. Always wanted to have simple celebrations.. Most importantly is Benson have his fav cake! My only wish is everyone to be Happy & Healthy <3

National day 2015

This is the first time we don't have to squeeze with other people to watch the national day fireworks! Of cos we are super duper excited.. We all went up to hub office! The view is fantastic !! Even till now Benson talks abt going to papa office.. 

Chilling on a Weekend night

I feel so happy that now Punggol has so many activities around.. Punggol end is one of our fav hangout spot.. Is just 2-3 bus stop away.  At times we will go there for a drink and dinner.. Benson love it too.. He will bring his scooter along so scoot in the park.. And he love seeing the turtle pond there.. Loving it especially when is windy.. 

Hub Birthday and Trip to JB

Afternoon after celebrating Hub Bday ( post is in my personal blog ) , we fetch Benson from school and meet Shelia to go JB ... Actually suppose to come in the next day to meet Cheong for a one day trip.. But thinking of going in to eat Lok Lok first... LOL.. But! 

Last min thinking of next day travel in we decided to stay one night in JB, which we never thought before! And is such a last min decision.. Haha.. That's how impulse we are at times... So we will get a good rest and Tmr will beore enjoyable day skipping to Q for bus to get in again.. 

Our last min Hotel Stay at KSL! 

Cheng fetch us for Durian Feast! And also we had a great massage.. 

Family dinner on Weekend

Meet up with in law side for dinner on a weekend.. 


Benson have been longing to learn this! But that time he is too young so couldn't.. Just nice now have class in Our place RC, so I asked him if he really wanna join.. He said yes! Well.. Enroll him.. Bought his uniform.. And here we go.. Now he is yellow tip belt.. 

Mother's Day 2015

Benson School is having Mother's Day Celebration, is call " Breakfast with Mummy " ... Of cos I have to go! I always tell myself no disappointment for my child especially on school event.. I will try my best to make it.. Benson is super excited abt this day... Morning we have a nice breakfast together in school, they have prepared, Juice, Coffee, sandwich, cakes.. Table Decoration done by the teacher is really nice! We have photo taking session too.. Have a singing performance from the kids too.. Simple yet feel so blessed.. Is never easy being a parents.. Be it daddy or mummy.. Because parenting doesn't come with a guide book.. We have to learn on the way... Takes lots of advise, encouragement from family and friends.. From our life partner too.. We may not be the best.. But we will always try to be the best for them.. 

Swimming lesson

always wanted Benson to learn swimming because I feel it will sure benefit him, I cannot say 100% he will be safe... But at least some basic swimming might help.. So I have ask a mummy from Facebook if she can Intro her kids coach to me.. Because I have been searching high and low in the Internet.. Still I would prefer someone Intro.. Benson has also completed his first test..  Very happy that he passed.. And I'm impressed by his determination to complete those task that is more challanging for him..