Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Benson 6 Months 5 Day Old

Here r some of the pic & video that i took... Enjoy ~

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Monday, August 30, 2010

Benson 6 Months 4 Days Old

Benson is 6 Months 4 Days Old Today... hehe... Have been a relaxing weekend last week... because we r both feeling tired.... but on Saturday we met Kareen & Desmond & of course their lovely little gal... Desreen.... who is already 9 Months Old... & she already have 2 small little tooth out liao... hehe don't know when is Benson turn... Hopefully soon... Benson have been feeling better for his nose liao.. so decided not to bring him to PD.. but still i will change his appt for jab to a later date.. to make sure that he is feeling well before taking any of the jab..

Benson having been taking spinach porridge this 2 days... he loving it too... haha.. but hubby saw it... he don't like it... =) haha... i think that's is y people hate Baby food...

My article have been published in Motherhood Mag Sep issue... =) so if u r keen in reading it... go grab now in all Mag store & 7~11.....

This Friday we r meeting Flo, Sharon & maybe some other mummy for dinner... wohoo... is so fun meeting them & talk about motherhood...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Benson 6 Months 1 Day Old

Benson is 6 Months 1 Day Old.... Last night was a blessing... Benson finally fall asleep on my arm about 1050pm... i hold him tight & pat him... haha... yup that is our boy... he want us to pamper & sayang him.... Yesterday is the first time Benson sit on his high chair & have dinner together with me & hubby at home... =) he find it interesting... I m feeding him his porridge while we r having our dinner... & YES he love it.... hehe... Granny cook the porridge with all her love inside... hehe... Hopefully Benson feel it too... ^^

Today Benson flu got worst... Arr... i just blog that he recover yesterday... but today his flu is back!!! i hate all the flu bug... Pls leave Benson alone... We might bring him to PD this time.. & also he will not be taking his 3rd Dose of jab next week... i will change the appt since he is sick... hopefully he will get well soon... my poor Benson... But luckly his milk intake is not affected.. if not will be worst & more heartache to see him drink so little... I think most baby when they r about 6 months their sleeping time will change... because i hear alot of mummy having the same problem as me... when their baby turn 6 months.... well... we can just pray that things will get better... =) stay a positive mind is the best... i m trying too.... 

Benson journal :

~ love people to pamper & sayang him
~ taking lesser nap
~ milk intake is 120ml
~ later bed time at night
~ getting playful
~ can flip & roll
~ love to stand on his feet even when he shower
~ still drinking Friso 1, but will be changing to Friso 2 this week
~ love solid food
~ still on pacifier
~ love smelling his beannie
~ love throwing things around
~ love playing with plastic bag
~ love to go out
~ when he see daddy is home will be very happy
~ love me singing to him
~ Hate hot weather

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Benson is 6 Months Old Today...

Benson is 6 Months Old Today.. Finally i fix up his high chair.. Which we bought from Ikea... is only $29... because is on offer... so that he can sit in the kitchen dinning table & have his meal... i think we have to teach him this habit when he is still a baby... because i don't wan in 2 years down the road i need to chase him around the living room to feed him... =) My hubby & I got our expectation on how we bring up our child.. is good to start a good habit early... we always believe in good parenting... That's is why i wanted to take care of Benson my own... My dad did offer to help to take care of Benson Yesterday.. asking me to help my mum in her stall instead of him going down...so i tell him nicely saying no.... because their way of taking care of children is not what i wanted.. & i already see the result in my nephew who is taking care by them... so i will rather take care myself... This 2 days is a struggle to make Benson to sleep... i get frustration when i'm feeling tired or feeling sick....i sometime after i scold Benson i will feel so lousy as a mummy.... because around my frenz who is all mummy... they r all so patience with their baby.. but why not me?? I was telling Hubby today that i should lower down my expectation because Benson is still a Baby... & yes.. from today onwards i will learn to be patience with Benson... & manage my anger well....

Benson Actually is always been a very good boy if compare to those who is very naughty that i saw before... so i'm glad about it... Today granny have cook pumkin porridge for Benson.. so after Benson nap we will let him have his yummy porridge... is the first time he took porridge... because most of the time i feed him rice cereal & puree... Benson flu & cough has recover... so i'm happy la... he is also taking more milk now... which is a very good news....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Benson 5 Months 3 Week 5 Days Old

Benson is now 5 months 3 weeks 5 days old... so another 2 days.. Benson will be 6 months liao... yeah... hehe... sorry for not blogging much lately... hehe hubby complain liao... say why i no update blog lately... haha.. have been feeling sick.. but i'm feeling better now... =) thanks to hubby that help me take care of Benson on Saturday so that i can take a good rest... ^^

Benson have been making funny faces to us when he is unhappy or wan us to carry him... haha.. will upload his funny look later on... Hubby work frenz has intro him to bring Benson to Chinese pressure point massage... because Benson have slight cough & flu... so we bring him there... since no harm trying... Hehe... but i'm surpise by the effect after the massage... finally Benson can sleep for 3 hours for his nap... normally he only sleep 30 ~ 45 min... & also yesterday night he sleep from 1045pm ~ 5 am then wake up for his feed.... hehe... i'm happy la... so hubby was saying.. that we will bring him there every 2 weeks once for good healthy... even he is not sick also can go... actually when we r there... we saw a lot of people bring their children for massage... hehe.. last time didn't know that there is such a places... Thanks to Cat... =)

Finally Benson have take 120 ml of milk & he did finish it... hehe... phew... so happy to see my boy drinking more than 90ml.... because i feel that 90ml is really too little for him... i have stop his solid due to he is not feeling well... but will start maybe this weekend... we will see how is he this weekend.... 

Yesterday went to Florence Gal 1 Years old Birthday Party... hehe.. is so so nice lor.... the theme is Princess... The Birthday cake look & taste very nice... hehe.. when Benson is 1 year old.. i will order from the same cake shop too... Hmm.. but gotta think of a party theme for Benson... hmm.. what theme is good?? Can anyone suggest me?? if yes... pls tag me... =)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic