Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super sick !!! 

Have been down with flu & slight cough... So was in quite bad mood because is getting worst.. & Benson now teething & LS... so needed more attention... Whenever he nap I will try to rest as much.. Had been taking medicine for a few days Liao.. But not getting any better... I try to clean the house as much as I can.. Due to some matter.. I sometime wonder.. Is it worth to do so much? I feel quite upset... Maybe staying home for too long.. ( NOTE : I love staying home with Benson .. Pls don't get me wrong.. ! ) At times I feel like I'm a maid.. Not that I hated to do housekeeping..  But I would like to be appreciated.. & not taken for granted.. Everyone got their tireness stress... But will people ever think that housewife will be tired & stressful moments? We feel stress when we r sick & tired even PMS we have to have energy &  take good care of our beloved children.. Stressed about not to spend too much money on ourself  ( clothes, shoes, bag ) so that will have money for more important matter.... Saving here & there just to help out a little.. Stress that we will be a burden to our husband.. Sometime what we expect is a simple words from u... " thank you " & ur understanding... That is all what woman wants... but simple things is always hard to get.... So all Husband in the world.. Pls don't take things for granted.. Everyday a simple hug & thank you is all we need...

 Never take someone for granted .. The day u realize her worth.. Is the day that u can never have her again...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Benson 1 Years 1 Month & 3 Days Old...

Benson just went for his booster & chicken pox jab on Saturday... got slight fever at night... Now he is going thru teething again... =(  Means Cranky & clingy baby.. & it must be quite painful this time.. as he keep crying badly with tears all over his face.. My poor boy... i try to hold my cool towards this time... Because i know is hard on him too.. Lately the weather is going crazy.. super duper hot... Even Benson & us... is sweating like hell.. Benson body temp also go up... i think i need to shower 2 times a day then enough... Benson today start to have a little bit of LS... So i can confrm that is teething... & he drool alot too.. Apply teething gel.. & let him suck on ice... Even feed him baby panadol & also grip water.... But he fuss quite a while before falling asleep... i don't know what i can do to relieve his pain anymore.. almost everything is tried... I even put spoon in the freezer to cool it & let him bite.. using my finger to touch & light pressure on his gum... I feel that the below is harden.. so i think mostly is the below tooth is coming out from the gum... Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day..

Brought Benson to T3 again for him to run & crawl everywhere... =) he loving it... We had a great simple night... i'm always looking forward to weekend for our family outing... feel super blessed...

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I had been feeling quite sick lately.. feel that flu is coming.. & now having sore throat.. so no more heati food for me... I just took my medicine.. hope i will get better soon.. if not i'm very short tempered...

Benson Update..

Drinking 210ml of milk every 4~5 Hours
Still on Friso 2
He is a very lovely boy who will sayang his soft toy..
a Cheerful boy too but at times throw temper
Trying our limit.. ( Test water )
He loves cold stuff
Loves Fruits.. Watermelon, papaya, grape, mango
Not so much liking in solid now
Loves Disney Cartoon... Mickey mouse, Pororo
Loves Winnie the pooh
Loves to crawl around
Learning to walk
Dislike washing head but love to play with water

Meet up with Best Friends...

Meet up with Amelia... My very best friend since Sec School.. Went for movie.. Kopi.. Shopping.. Hehe.. Very long time never meet Liao.. Because was super busy with our own life.. But still in contact thru what's apps & SMS.. Granny help me take care of Benson.. So that we can have some girl outing.. =) too bad never go for massage.. Time Is never enough when u enjoying.. We will meet up again when she is on leave.. =)

Lately body is not very guai guai.. Been giving me problem.. Gastric... Acid too much.. Wind.. Tummy ache.. U named it .. I have it.. Lol.. Sigh... Think everyday having too strong kopi.. Is causing all this.. =( but I cannot live without coffee.. I must start with my day with at least a cup daily..

Meet up with Mummy to Vivo city shopping.. She needs to get some things from daiso.. & we went BK to have supper.. Lol.. Consider supper is because we already had our dinner.. Then BK again after that... Putting on too much weight.. After sending mummy home.. I realize that I missed her alot.. =( must bring her out more often... So I can see her more often too.. also forget to update... while at vivo... just nice we saw fireworks at Sentosa there... i video it down.. =)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Went out with Buddy Lyn...

Today went to meet lyn... hehe.. walk around.. & went ntuc to buy some stuff home... Came home early today... Then had lunch & took nap with Benson till Hubby came home...Lately have been tired because of mens... lol.. so very lazy on housework... so i just wanna nap with Benson... =)

Video of Benson 1 years 3 Weeks Old

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Blue....

Haha.. I today also got Monday Blue... feel so tired today.. nap with Benson this afternoon then woke up with heavy head & headache... mens came liao.. even more tired lo... lazy to do housekeeping today... Lol.... Today is our first dinner delivery... tasted okok.. Today finally open up new toys for Benson to play... Lol.. because of the thunder & rain.. we decided to stay home... abort the plan to go Serangoon... Benson don't seem in good mood today... maybe he is bored ba... He now just fall asleep.. i also don't know is powder nap or really sleep for the night liao... we shall see...

Today Dinner....

Oh ya.. i wanna blog about the Tom Yam Soup that is in Vivo City Food Court... Hehe.. i really love it so much.. Even i know my lips & tummy cannot take it.. but i still love it.. hehe.. If u guys love spicy & tom yam.. can go there eat.. super nice !!