Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Potty Train

Benson is now finally ready & accepting potty training... used to ask him to go pee in potty months ago buy he refused... So was thinking that I should wait till he is ready... Because normally kids will give sign on ready to potty train... =) & is so true... Benson kept asking us to change his diaper whenever he pee even pee once he also wanna get changed.. So I told him.. why not u wear ur shorts at home? Then go toilet to pee.. At first he a bit rejected.. But slowly.. We encourage him to do his biz in toilet... & finally he accepted... =) Of course we are happy....

First few times.. He will just go to the bath area to pee because he didn't want to pee in potty.. Well.. is a good start.. as long as we washed the floor straight away after he pee shouldn't be a problem... He did a very good job in telling me " Mama.. Shh shh " ... But of course there is couple of misses... where he will pee on the floor.. So far it only happened 3 times.. after that.. no more accident.. ^^

Today.. He is not in diaper... Even in his nap... He poo in potty & pee in potty too.. I'm so proud of him... =) Really proud... Now just gotta keep encourage him...

He gonna hate me for taking this pic when he grow up.. LOL

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cheeky boy growing up..!

Benson is going to be 3 years old in less than 1 month time.... =) On Saturday we went to compass point to play game... & another reason is because we need to get him a school bag, raincoat & water bottle.. He chosen " Cars " design for his bag... & Pick a DVD as well.. " Super Why " .. I kinda love that disc because is very educational... & guess what! U will never step out of any toy shop without a toy! Guess 90% of the parents will understand what i'm talking about... He bought a billiard game... Benson is super crazy abt that game.. & his action is like a pro playing that.. Haha... I guess he learned this from his daddy.. Because he saw Daddy Ben played before.. & Daddy Ben is super good at it...  ^^

Waiting for our breakfast... =) 


look at how creative kids can be... He use his pull up as a cooking glove.. LOL...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Schooling soon...

Benson is gonna start N1 very soon.. We have done enrolling childcare center for him.. So just needed to wait for the day to come.. So at the meantime.. He is at home.. He stopped going to playgroup classes after year end holiday... Most of the time.. Is playing home or if the weather is good.. we will go park, playground or go to mum place, having play date... Is kinda bored for him at times... honestly being the only child in the family isn't easy... Hub Ben & I think he will enjoy school very much because he love to play with other kid.. He is not the shy boy he used to be anymore.. He will always find someone to play with him at the playground.. & The smile on his face is priceless... =)

Today is a rainy day again.. But we went to Punggol Plaza to buy somethings in Ntuc.. Usually we will just go nearby our place de... But thought just let him take Lrt ride... haha.. & let him played the ball game at level 2.. I told him i will only spend $2 on this game.. finish means we have to go... I'm proud that he obey without fussing... =)

On Sunday.. We suppose to go for a swim.. But it rained the whole day since Saturday.. So we bring him to compass point for his fav game... =) He enjoyed it so much.. & We bought milk powder & some cake home..

Nowdays he know how to say sad sad... LOL look at his lips...

close up on his sad face...

Dating Day

Hehe... Is Hub Ben & Me dating for movie again... Now we don't really go so often liao... But still.. we treasure the time spending together with each other.. =) It makes the relationship sweeter of course... ^^ Hub Ben is like a Best Friend, Soul mate, Buddy, Lover & Husband to me... We support each other thru difficult & happy times.. Holding faith & hands together..

Sing our heart out

Meet up with Linnett for Kbox session on Sunday.. =) We had a great time singing... Been quite sometime that i didn't go to Kbox... Hehe.. Sometime it feels really nice to have some personal space.. Or personal time which i can spend with my girls frenz.. But of course i take good care of my family too.. I believe in " Enjoying life to the fullest " ... So once or 2 times a week.. We will have meet up for drinks & chill or supper... even is just a few hrs... But is a recharge for me.. Since Benson is now older & he understands that mummy will not be 24/7 by his side... He take it better now.. The only thought he had when I'm away is " Mama go exercise , Later buy ice cream, sticker " Haha.. Think this imprint in his head when I was away for my first Marathon on Nov.. Hub Ben is always understanding for my personal space needs when i wanna meet up my friends.. & I'm very happy for that.. =)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Zumba, Guess who came along?

Guess who came to Zumba class with me? Hehe... This time Benson tagged along.. Reason i let him tag along this time is because... Florence told me that there is a small play area for kids... & asked if i wanna join her.. Another reason is weekday morning not so many people.. So I don't really have to worry about anything.. We took a train to Golden mile... Sister came along too because I wanted her to try out as well.. =) Hoping that she will like it... So we reached & almost late for class.. Haha.. Quickly settle Benson down at play area.. & start joining the other for Zumba.. All went very well.. ^^ Benson had fun too playing at the little corner... After class end.. Benson walk up to stage & start dancing around.. Ha! After changed.. We went to eat Fish mee hoon at bugis.. Yum! Then back to mum place with sis...

My Buddy!

After class.. So Sweat.. LOL

My love... My Sister

caught him dancing on stage..

The next day.. I had muscle ached on my arm & legs.. Haha.. which is good.. Means got effect on that part...