Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Potty Train

Benson is now finally ready & accepting potty training... used to ask him to go pee in potty months ago buy he refused... So was thinking that I should wait till he is ready... Because normally kids will give sign on ready to potty train... =) & is so true... Benson kept asking us to change his diaper whenever he pee even pee once he also wanna get changed.. So I told him.. why not u wear ur shorts at home? Then go toilet to pee.. At first he a bit rejected.. But slowly.. We encourage him to do his biz in toilet... & finally he accepted... =) Of course we are happy....

First few times.. He will just go to the bath area to pee because he didn't want to pee in potty.. Well.. is a good start.. as long as we washed the floor straight away after he pee shouldn't be a problem... He did a very good job in telling me " Mama.. Shh shh " ... But of course there is couple of misses... where he will pee on the floor.. So far it only happened 3 times.. after that.. no more accident.. ^^

Today.. He is not in diaper... Even in his nap... He poo in potty & pee in potty too.. I'm so proud of him... =) Really proud... Now just gotta keep encourage him...

He gonna hate me for taking this pic when he grow up.. LOL

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