Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, August 31, 2012

Ants attack!

Been having ants problem in the house.. & guess what... I think they start to build their kingdom in my kitchen.... After a few checking the tails they heading.. I found that they are having party at the tiles cracks.. & what is worst is.. they are near the celling & gas pipe.. meaning i cannot use boiling water.. So i went to google about how to get rid of them... I tried using white vinegar mixing with water.. but it doesn't really kills them.. so i added in some dish washer... Start spray on the crack & everywhere if i see them... ! Is getting so irritating! Because too many ants can cause big damage to the house... & maybe i got phobia of ants because when i was a teenager .. there is one ants that crawl into my ears while i was asleep..  it causes so much pain.. & I still remembered it till now... OMG! I really didn't know what more I can do to get rid of them.. I had just called the Pest Control to ask about their chargers.. but they haven get back to me..

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pimple Affair

Been having a couple of pimples lately... which I don't normally poke it.. I will just wait for them to ripe, dry, drop.. because i just don't like the idea of squeezing my pimple , that is also the main reason for me not visiting facial salon... I also scare of having scars on my face.. So for me is just simple washing & mask 2 times a week, face lotion.. That's all.. & I feel great.. =D

There is a spot which i hate having pimples growing on it... Is below my NOSE! U know it look super ugly.. & dirty.. haha.. Maybe to me only.. I don't know what other think of it.. But it will normally grow there!

A very funny conversation with Ben, That time is Ben who is the one having pimple below the nose..

Me: Hub, u got pimple growing below ur nose ar...

Ben: Ya lor

Me: ( suddenly wanna joke about it ) U got difficulty in breathing a not?

Ben: HUH???? Why u suddenly ask me this?

Me: Haha.. Because i see the pimple growing below ur nose hole ma.. so thought u will have difficulty breathing lor.. Because the pimple is blocking the air ma..

We both laughed super loud!

From that day onwards.. whoever has pimple on that spot will be make fun with this joke..

Monday, August 27, 2012

The boy who love cats

We went to the temple again on weekends.. Fetch mother in law for breakfast then went to temple to pray.. Benson is looking forward to go there because there is this cat there who's name is " 招财 " .. Benson met this cat during his first trip there... & He love it so much.. Every time we go he will say " Cat cat " .. But last few time is a disappointment because i think the cat went hiding or out.. But this time! We saw it again! Benson faster walk there & squat down watching the cat sleeping.. Amazingly there is 2 Cat in the temple.. Benson pat the cat non stop.. =) till the cat went somewhere else.. He still keep following it.. Till they are really gone.. Hopefully the next trip we will see the cat again.. or maybe Ben will give us the " Green Light " to adopt one? Haha...

Dinner we went to Punggol Promenade... Thought of trying " Cafe Ole " because is one of my friend in facebook actually give a good review on that cafe.. & nowadays having cafe with " Soccer " match is very rare.. Because i hear that the license is very ex...  That's why u don't really see sports bar anymore in Boat Quay... The portion is really really small! was a little shock... & we went home to cook maggie for supper.. because it really didn't fill our tummy... Is not worth the money.. Because $40 plus still cannot fill our tummy...  But to be fair.. I must say that the staff is very helpful & good service.. Then went for walk in the park & see people fishing... the head home to rest.. =)

My Slimming Update.. I'm still exercising everyday... Overall I'm slimming down.. But my weight is still stuck.. My waist measurement has went down.. So I'm happy with the result & the hardwork..

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dating Friday!

We went for our movie date on Friday... Sis helped us to take care of Benson.. We watched " The Expendables 2 "..  I love this movie very much... Maybe because we both love action movie... =) So rating is 10/10 for me.. =D after movie we went for dinner...

Finally! Got the chance to eat " Ding Tai Feng " ... It has been on my mind for so so long! Sometime a peaceful dinner makes me a happy woman... =D Overall taste quite ok.. only my noodle soup is a bit tastless.. Ben fried rice is yummy too!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Feel so much better...

Today i feel so much better.. =) Benson is very helpful today... He helped me put clothes into the washing machine, helped to keep toys so i can vacuum & mop the floor.. & we have some bonding time playing... Now just shower & preparing to put him to nap.. Lately his timing for sleep really gone haywire.. I didn't know why.. But i guess is just a stage.. normally he will nap between 12.30pm , latest by 1.30pm.. but nowadays he can drag till 2.30pm or latest 4.30pm, which is not a good timing because he will woke up almost for dinner.. which lead him to sleep even later at night.. So i'm trying to do some adjustment to his sleep time..

Just bought a " Animal books " for Benson.. He like it alot.. 

He is still having cough & flu... but showing sign of recovery.. He rejected solid for almost 1 week.. I really didn't know how to solve it.. he is only on milk & snack.. He started to drool again.. I really thought he had grow all his teeth already... maybe i guess wrongly? I hoping that his solid intake will be back soon...

Update on our pet " Turtle "

The turtle is eating really well lately... maybe is growing? It looks bigger now... =) I washed his tank everyday or alternate days...

My Slimming progress is good.. But weight is kinda stuck now.. but i still feel my thigh & waist going down.. Yesterday took a photo using my fridge reflection.. because i don't have a full length mirror at home.. Haha..! But I'm feeling more energetic now.. Progress is slow.. but i'm sure im gonna make it! Just matter of time...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm losing It

Warning! : Is a ranting & negative post , If u are not ready, pls DO NOT read
"世界上没有教不会的孩子,只有不会教孩子的妈妈。感觉我就是那个不会教孩子的妈 " 
That's what i wrote in my facebook status yesterday.. Because lately i really losing patience with Benson Naughtiness.. sometime i just feel so pek cek & tired... Maybe i just need a break or just rant it in here.. Yes! This is the only space which can let me write my emotional feeling down.. without screaming or shouting at anyone.. & of course i used to had this feeling of depress when Benson is 1 years old plus.. but we grew out of it.. now this feeling came again.. I really hope i m not losing it this time.. I want to be a perfect mum ( i know there is none in this world ) but at least i wanna be one for Benson... Benson had been giving me a hard time lately.. maybe he is bored at home.. maybe due to his flu & cough .. Maybe due to my hormone.. well.. i don't know.. & i wish i knew where the problem lies... Is it because of my parenting style is not working wonders? or is it because i mind too much about how Benson behave? Is it because i scare of strangers stare when Benson cry/fuss outside? or is it my expectation is too high on my poor boy? Where did my patience go? Sometime i even feel like crying my heart out while i'm doing dishes, But tears just surround in my eyes.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First " Zumba "

Thanks to Florence.. Because i didn't really know that Singapore have Zumba classes... I joined Meetup.com for their Zumba classes.. One thing which i think is very good is that they don't collect the class fee one short.. Just book as & when u free & pay when u attend the class.. & guess what... One lesson is only $12..  So which is good for me... Because i'm not always be free due to taking care of Benson... But thankfully Sister & my mum is able to help me for few hours on Monday so i can go for my first Zumba classes with Flo & her friends..

My review : If u wanna lose weight & sweat it all out.. Zumba is a great exercise.. It combine with dance & exercise.. just get crazy with music.. Don't worry if u think u cannot follow those step.. if really cannot follow some of the step just dance ur own with the music.. till the next one..

Note: It can be tiring.. I feel is more tired than jogging.. Haha..

After Classes we went to nearby for Fish soup which Lena intro.. Is amazingly yummy! I was so hungry because haven eat anything from morning so i ordered rice & fried fish soup with milk!

Here we go again!

We planned another trip to Genting since the last trip is so much fun! On Sep we heading to Genting again... But this time it will be doubly fun because Kareen & her family will be joining us too! =) Of course Benson friends Desreen will be coming too... That's why i think Benson will enjoy this trip even more! Because they played very well together...  We went to booked for the trip days ago... =) everything is settled.. So just need to wait for Sep to come.. =) After booking the trip we went to library to read some book while waiting for Ben to come meet us for early dinner.. Then head home after that because Benson miss his nap so he is getting cranky! When we say bye to Desreen... He cry badly... till we are home he still nagging & crying about it...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Benson Says " Kangaroo "

Lately Benson is very into reading his " Animal " books.. =) He knows quite a number of animal.. but will get mixed up with some.. like " Kangaroo = Rabbit ", " Castle = go home! " , " Pizza = Cakes " ... It sound funny at times.. But I'm glad that after correct him with the right words.. He try to remember.. & We read it again & again.. =)

He is getting a more demanding lately.. I don't know why... Because this doesn't happen for quite few months.. but is starting again.. He will cry badly when he don't get what he wants... & even we talk to him.. He will cry even more badly... So a Cranky Toddler = A Stressful parents... Sometime I'm so stress up till I feel super tired when we reached home... Believe it a not.. is just so energy draining... emotionally draining too.. & I don't really understand why Benson just don't want to be seated while we are having meal outside... which sometime leads to struggling before he finally give in & sit down or he sit down but crying.. I really need someone who have experience with this issue before to advise us what can be done to make things better? If any of u can help pls leave me a comment.. =) Maybe because of this 2 days of struggle.. I really feel so down this morning.. Even Ben asked me to go for breakfast this morning, I rejected him.. Reason : I'm tired of struggling with Benson every single time to have a proper meal time.. I know it may sounded ridiculous... But I'm seriously tired.. Just feeling low.. But that doesn't mean I don't love Benson anymore... Just hope that this pass soon.. I know we will pull this thru...


Been putting on my newly bought " Gold " eye mask... =) So far so good.. one week used once.. Hopefully I will be very hard working to maintain my face.. =D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Buddy, Chat, Share, Love

Was excited to meet Patricia today.. But morning received a super bad news.. Mrt is having problem again.. Was thinking it should be settled by the time I'm going out.. But! Is still having problem till 4plus pm... The train is delayed due to some power problem I guess.. ! So plan changed.. I still took " nel " line to Serangoon instead of Dhoby Ghaut then changed to " Circle " line, then to " EW " line.. Haha.. 12 stop in total finally I reached Bugis! .. But I was lucky that Benson is patience with me & the train ride... =) sometime I'm just proud of him being able to be patience with me... =D

We went to Guanyin temple... Before we reached it actually rained.. So the weather is cooling... ^^ but still.. Benson is having his fav $1 ice cream treat.. Just outside the temple.. After walking around.. We came across a man performing the crystal ball rolling on his arm.. & he is super good at it.. The kids are impressed.. Then we heading to Bugis Junction hopefully to get a drink or snack & sit in a comfy chair because our leg is aching.. While on our way walking to Bugis Junction.. We came across a newly opened " Party Shop " so decided to go in & take a look.. They selling lots of stuff which I don't really see in other party shop.. Example : Thomas & other cartoon character puzzle only for $2.50 each.. & Kite $2 ~ $4 ( those big one ) , big or small toys price from $2.90 ~ $25 ) , Sticker activity book only for $1.80... & many more.. =) I'm sure i will go back there to stock up some books & toys...