Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dinner Wefie while waiting

Countdown for 2016!

Every Year we will have gathering @ my place for steamboat, After that normally we will go watch fireworks, But this year is a little different. Because we couldnt make it in time, =( due to our waffle! But afterall the waffle is super nice, I specially choose Moonster Cookie, Is super special because it comes in Blue! How nice is that, Hehe the blue looks super nice, And after eat my tongue became blue too. Haha. Anyway we enjoyed our night spending time together with mum dad granny And my sister and Nephew.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weekend JB Trip & Vivo

Weekend We went Jb to look for our Colleague for some foodie! And massage! Hehe been a while due to Benson passport gonna expiry, & His passport has just renewed! and collected, Frankly, Nowadays making a new passport no need to wait so long like last time. So I'm very impress! hehe, So We went to a Cake Cafe that Cheong Intro, Cake is nice, But my Fav is the Coffee Fav. We went back to the previous massage place that we went before, This time is not that good, Maybe just my luck ba. Benson enjoyed going with us because We will in a private room, With snacks and Milo, Tea or Coffee, With a Large Tv, 2 Comfortable Sofa, That arm side is big enough for Benson to sit beside me.

Sunday We went to Vivo City for Dinner and walk around, Bring Benson for some games!

Taekwando Grading & Performance

Benson had join Taekwando which I have posted previously, He went for his Yellow tip belt grading, All went smoothly, Very proud of him ! There is Video after the photo for his Performance at one Opening Event!

School Update

Benson have been enjoying this current Childcare Center, Which is a super relieve, The teacher all are very caring & nice, And he has a few best frenz in school which he enjoy playing with, At times we wanted to pick him early and he will ask " Why today u came so early " =.= , So we decided to pick him later. He will say " Why u so late then come " =.= Aiyo My dear boy, very hard to know what u thinking.

His progress in school is quite good, Now he has just upgraded to K2 , So more of writing for this year, Just this week he tell me he cry in class, Because he write wrongly and is too long, But I told him, U can take ur time, Slowly write nicely, Then u will not be wrong if u are patience enough to look before writing. He listened, Actually as a Parent, We are stress for them too, But we just gotta let them know going to school, u can learn more stuff and next time u will be smart kid. Hoping that he cope well in school.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Gathering 2015

Had a Simple gathering @ Aunt place.. Bought some gift for the kids! And thankful that aunt prepared nice food for us.. 

Every year we will let Benson choose his own present.. So we went City Square mall and have dinner and Go Toy R Us to look for Benson present.. 

Sis & Nephew Birthday Staycation

Sis have booked a hotel stay in Genting, located near Jurong east mrt.. So we went over for staycation.. The night before Benson had slept over at mum place because sis bring him and bang Hao out.. So me and hub went to look for them at jurong after our work.. And I came back from meeting in jb.. 

Meet up for dinner before we went back to hotel room.. 

Here we go to the room! 

Next day Sis bring the kids to the zoo! So me and hub spend some couple time together ... Looking for present for My nephew & Sis.. Night time went to dinner and birthday celebrations in room.. 

Benson is crying so badly the next day when is time to go home.. Next day he had Fever.. :( luckily he recover after 2 days of rest.. 

Garden by the Bay - Christmas 2015

Went Garden By The Bay during Christmas season.. We had a great time there gathering with all our love ones.. Benson is very happy that Bang Hao Kor Kor is going to.. He always love playing together and really look up to kor Kor.. 

Is raining heavily after we have reached not long ago.. So we have lunch @ Mac.. And have some coffee.. Super crowded because everyone is trying to hide from the rain.. It rain for about 1hr.. And stopped. 

The kids went to water play as promised to Benson because last trip he was having flu.. So we didn't encourage him to play water in outdoor.. 

While they are playing.. Me and hub went to get SnowPlayground  tickets because the last trip it was sold out.. Benson was so disappointed and cried.. So we make sure that we don't miss out this time.. We bought the second session.. Is about 5.15pm.. Bought the tickets and added in glove for them.. We went in a little earlier to get ready.. 

After all the fun.. We go Satay by the bay to have dinner.. Honestly the food there cost more and not very nice .. Only like that egg oyster.. Other than that.. Nothing else really nice.. But is the company that matters.. :) even is hot and tiring.. But we are very happy.. Ending our night with beautiful night performance .