Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

School Update

Benson have been enjoying this current Childcare Center, Which is a super relieve, The teacher all are very caring & nice, And he has a few best frenz in school which he enjoy playing with, At times we wanted to pick him early and he will ask " Why today u came so early " =.= , So we decided to pick him later. He will say " Why u so late then come " =.= Aiyo My dear boy, very hard to know what u thinking.

His progress in school is quite good, Now he has just upgraded to K2 , So more of writing for this year, Just this week he tell me he cry in class, Because he write wrongly and is too long, But I told him, U can take ur time, Slowly write nicely, Then u will not be wrong if u are patience enough to look before writing. He listened, Actually as a Parent, We are stress for them too, But we just gotta let them know going to school, u can learn more stuff and next time u will be smart kid. Hoping that he cope well in school.

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