Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Backed Dated Post - Relaxing Lunch With Hub

Hub Ben is on 1 week leave.. so while Benson is in Childcare.. We will go out for some couple time... Had Mad Jack for Lunch before watching movie.. =)

Fever Outbreak...

Benson is running a fever in school at about 5.15pm.. Teacher called... & Saying that he will be getting on school bus soon... I waited downstairs earlier because bus aunty say that they will drop Benson first... We went to the clinic straight... & bought a new thermo too.. as the old one in the house is not giving correct reading... =/ We get back home fed medicine.. Benson asking for milk & refuse solid... Which is fine.. Slept till about 2am.. He wake to pee & I check his temp.. is 39.4! Argh =( I fed him Burfen... Hoping that the temp will go down... I check another 2 hrs later.. It went down to 38 plus then went back up again to 39 plus.. =( Is been a long battle with this nasty virus.. Hoping that my poor boy recover soon... Ytd fever went down all day.. This morning it climb back to 37.9.. Hoping for the best now...

Childcare called us up Yesterday saying that there a " Fever Outbreak " In school... So I wanna keep him home as long as I can... 

Fruitful Weekend

Friday After School Hub Ben went out with his frenz.. So i decided that we should spend some time together & have fun.... Bring Benson to Compass Point to have dinner & play some game before heading back home... =) Simple yet happy.. 

Having super craving for sushi!! Bth liao.. so i bought it... ^^
Benson is having bad cough... But that doesn't ruin our plan for him to enjoy his weekend with us... =) We planned to go Bowling & Gaming! Haha guess what! Benson been playing game for Fri , Sat , Sun! What a happy weekend for this boy! =) Daddy has just top up his game card as there is promotion.. ^^



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mooncake Fesitval...

 Benson did a self made lantern in school! It look super cute & he is very proud of it... Hehe... Granny did bought him a Angry Bird Lantern... But today he prefer to take his self made one... =)

Happy 28th Birthday to Me!

 I'm one year older again.. Haha... Had cake cutting session & singing Birthday song with my love ones.. ^^ but sadly I didn't go to mum place this year as It falls on a weekday & Benson is in school.. We shall go on weekend to mummy place.. =) Benson is super excited waiting for daddy to come home & join us for cake cutting session.. He kept asking " papa coming home Liao, he is almost here " .. From 6pm till 9pm haha.. Reached home he start dragging chairs & table.. & waited.. I asked him.. Who's Birthday today?? .. He replied " U la " .. Haha.. So singlish!! Bth him... Really Singaporean!! Haha.. He said the cake is very nice.. We bought " Angry Bird " cake from polar... Indeed it tasted not bad.. Not too sweet.. Yums! I feel blessed being able to Celebrate my Birthday with my love ones.. & Thank you mummy for giving birth to me.. Of course not gonna forget to be grateful for the hardship for bringing me up... =) 

Had Lunch Date with Hub for my Bday while Benson in school... Hehe.. ^^ 

I had put my celebration with frenz in my Personal Blog .. Do check out if u are interested.. ^^