Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, February 4, 2013

1st Day in School

Finally this important day has come.. 1st Feb.. Benson 1st day in childcare.. Sob.. Mummy & Papa is so proud of him.. Woke up at 7.45am.. Is the usual timing for Benson.. =) Then warm up a little... Give Benson milk.. but not too much.. Because he gonna have his breakfast later in school... He is excited to pull his bag bag to school... =)

Papa Ben wearing shoes for him

He is asking for his bag..

We reached the bus stop at around 8.15am.. Is just 2 stop away from our place... Alight then slowly walk to the school...

Looking fresh...

We are excited too!

Waiting for Bus

Took off his shoes.. Then Teacher check his temp & do the usual spot check for HFMD... Everything is ok.. Then Teacher told Benson to say goodbye to us.. Later we will come pick him.. He nob his head... I stood down tell him that He will have fun in school & later we will come & pick him up.. He say ok.. & he held teacher hand heading to the breakfast area... OMG.. I'm super duper proud of him.. Because he didn't fuss, didn't cry at all... He sat down to have his breakfast.. & we left the school... Emotional fill my heart... But I know I must be strong & I cannot cry.. On the way to bus stop.. Papa Ben told me not to be sad... =) & We are sure h gonna enjoy school.. Because he will have so many new friends to play with...Every Friday they are having water play.. So i packed Benson swimwear too...

Funland for Benson

Me & Hub Ben went to nex for BK breakfast.. While waiting for Hub to order food.. I called up my aunt to tell her that Benson have gone to school.. Suddenly my eyes get teary... Haha! I think all parents will know what kind of feeling... Just feel proud & emotional... After a while I control my tears.. & calm myself down... We had a great dating breakfast morning... ^^

Super rare that mummy can drink a cup of coffee so peacefully.. Haha.. But emotional is filling up the heart

 Then Hub Ben was suggesting that we should catch a movie.. I was worried if the school will call up... But Hub told me he believe that Benson will be fine.. Even I know everything will be fine.. Still.. I called up the school just before lunch.. To check How is Benson doing in school... Calling:

Teacher: Hello
Me: Hi, I'm mummy of Benson.. May I know how is Benson doing in school?
Teacher: Oh Benson... He is doing very well.. No cry & no fuss...
Me: Have they finish their water play?
Teacher: Oh yes yes.. They already finished & now preparing to eat lunch..
 Me: Ok ok.. Thanks alot.. Anything pls give me a ring..
Teacher: Sure..

After the call.. We proceed to buy ticket to watch that " Army " movie part 2... We have a good laugh... =) & I'm sure that movie does help to lighten my heavy heart that day.. After lunch & shop around.. We went back home for a rest before picking Benson up from school.. =) & Of course we are both excited to see him...

Reached school at about 6.15pm... Saw Benson sitting with his friends... Looks a bit blur.. Think is because he is quite tired... He saw us.. & the glow & smile on his face.. =) Making us melt.. He run out & call out mama.... & told us lots of what he did today in school...

The Principle came over to talk to us:

Mas: Hi, U are Benson parents?
Us: Yaya.. We are.. How is Benson in school today?
Mas: He is doing great.. No crying.. Expect whine a little when he want his pacifier & blanket for nap.. After we given him.. he is fine..
Us: Did he manage to nap just now?
Mas: Yeah he did nap just now
Us: Is he eating well in school? ( Because Benson is quite a picky eater )
Mas: Yup he eat very well too .. Did he went to any school before coming here?
Us: Yup He been to 2 hrs playgroup before
Mas: no wonder he is doing quite well in school..

After chatting we prepared to head home.. & We feel that the 2 hrs playgroup really helps alot... Because if he didn't attend any playgroup I think he will never get used to school on the first day.. So we are very very please... We took a bus back home.. Benson is so excited to tell us about what happen in school today.. =) After reached home.. He told us he wanna to go school again... & He is looking forward to his school day next week.. 

Tired... Dragging his bag home..

This boy is getting confuse.. LOL

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