Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, February 4, 2013

People who loved me, & I loved them back!

Meet up with Aunt at her place to chill out for some drink & chit chat.. =) It makes us relax & recharge.. We talk abt kids, school, family... Because we are both Stay home mum.. So is a common topic for us.. ^^ We have a great night chatting away.. Hopefully more to come! =D

This wine is cheap & nice! Must try...

Sister is so kind lo.. She bought a full set of facial product for me.. I'm so happy & touched...! Because She never fail to dote me.. I love this product.. because when i try sis de.. The result was good.. So she bought for me..  Argh! Really love her so much la..I feel that till certain age ar... We really need to take good care of our skin.. Especially face.. I used to have really good skin.. no need much maintain... Only wash with facial foam that it.. But now.. Really cannot.. =.= Sad right? So I hope this product can bring back my good skin.. Praying!

Love this mask.. Smell super nice & cooling..

beauty in progress... LOL

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