Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Schooling soon...

Benson is gonna start N1 very soon.. We have done enrolling childcare center for him.. So just needed to wait for the day to come.. So at the meantime.. He is at home.. He stopped going to playgroup classes after year end holiday... Most of the time.. Is playing home or if the weather is good.. we will go park, playground or go to mum place, having play date... Is kinda bored for him at times... honestly being the only child in the family isn't easy... Hub Ben & I think he will enjoy school very much because he love to play with other kid.. He is not the shy boy he used to be anymore.. He will always find someone to play with him at the playground.. & The smile on his face is priceless... =)

Today is a rainy day again.. But we went to Punggol Plaza to buy somethings in Ntuc.. Usually we will just go nearby our place de... But thought just let him take Lrt ride... haha.. & let him played the ball game at level 2.. I told him i will only spend $2 on this game.. finish means we have to go... I'm proud that he obey without fussing... =)

On Sunday.. We suppose to go for a swim.. But it rained the whole day since Saturday.. So we bring him to compass point for his fav game... =) He enjoyed it so much.. & We bought milk powder & some cake home..

Nowdays he know how to say sad sad... LOL look at his lips...

close up on his sad face...

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