Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, January 18, 2013

Zumba, Guess who came along?

Guess who came to Zumba class with me? Hehe... This time Benson tagged along.. Reason i let him tag along this time is because... Florence told me that there is a small play area for kids... & asked if i wanna join her.. Another reason is weekday morning not so many people.. So I don't really have to worry about anything.. We took a train to Golden mile... Sister came along too because I wanted her to try out as well.. =) Hoping that she will like it... So we reached & almost late for class.. Haha.. Quickly settle Benson down at play area.. & start joining the other for Zumba.. All went very well.. ^^ Benson had fun too playing at the little corner... After class end.. Benson walk up to stage & start dancing around.. Ha! After changed.. We went to eat Fish mee hoon at bugis.. Yum! Then back to mum place with sis...

My Buddy!

After class.. So Sweat.. LOL

My love... My Sister

caught him dancing on stage..

The next day.. I had muscle ached on my arm & legs.. Haha.. which is good.. Means got effect on that part...

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