Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Just wanna be Mum!

When 2016 started, I learned lots of stuff and reminded myself lots of stuff too, Example, To let go of work during MC, Let go of work during On Leave. Not to get Flare up on little stuff. As I always reminded myself that I'm Not GOD. I cannot solve every single stuff. As in work I can always let my colleague who is willing to help me when I'm on leave or sick. I have learned. To love myself and Treasure my time spending with my boy too. I used to work alot when I'm on leave, When I'm off duty, after work timing when I'm suppose to spend more time with my boy. I reflected one day. And tell myself is enough and is very unfair to Benson. So I stopped totally!

After P1 Orientation, While we still have some time together, While waiting for hub to off work. I decided to bring Benson out for some fun, We went to Pororo Park! Indoor playground which Benson been telling me he wanted to go =D He is damm happy la! And I of cos wanted to be not a working mummy, But is MUM! I diverted my calls to my colleague. No logging in email, no picking up calls. We enjoyed our day so much!

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