Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, December 3, 2016

P1 Journey =)

So We have come to this stage of enrollment for Benson P1, Nervously waiting for result and Etc, Is super new to us. I'm Sure all Parents who first time enrolling their kids are also having lots of unsure. We have read up lots of info on MOE web, But till lots of question in our head, Lots of document to prepare. But We are so blur that we thinking Photocopy copy of  Birth Cert and other document should be ok. But we are wrong! Haha Hub went back to get the original copy.

I'm Amazed that Enrollment is so fast! Then One thing comes another, After knowing that getting into schools, We get letters and start to prepare buying books, uniform, Then come enrollment of Student care! That is the one that worry us the most. As u know we are both working parents now. Actually I felt nowadays kids is very Ke Lian lei... After school still need student care. And even now he is K2, Is childcare, From 8am to 6pm. Which is a long long time. To be frank i have alot of guilt about this. I felt very sorry that Benson have to went thru this like many other kids now. =( But we don't really have much choice. Now if i don't work hard, i might not be able to have the chance to get back to work life anymore. as u know that being a stay home mum for past 4 years, is already a challenge to find a job. I cannot imagine if I stay home for 6-7 Years. Is gonna be even harder. That's what all parents are facing right now. And the Struggle for working Mom is never easy. Ok back to track on P1

Then comes to Orientation for P1, Daddy Ben wanna come too, But he don't really have much choice as he couldn't take any leave. So we went early morning. Get seated at the Hall, and after a while Teacher bring them to classroom for some mini get to know each other games, While all parents stayed at hall to listen to all the information and rules when the term start. All stuff is like damm fast! From Enrollment, Purchase of books, Enroll student care to Orientation! Now is already beginning of Dec, He will start the term on Beginning of Jan! ARgh! If u asked me if I'm ready for my baby to grow up? My answer will always be NO! Is too fast! I don't know if I able to let go sometimes. So many worries, So many unsure. But I believe our Boy will brave up and enjoy the growing journey. U will always be Mummy Lovely Boy!

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