Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, November 25, 2016

Soccer Fever

Sooooo, Kids are all flicker minded isnt it? He First learn swimming because mummy wanted him to know at least the basic to swim, for safety purpose. Second He said he wanted to learn taekwondo, Then he said he wanna quit, I support that. Due to the Class is on Weekdays, Every Monday at 8pm Which I think is kinda late, Because by the time he finished is already 9.30pm. His usual Bed time is at 10pm. So Monday is always a late night. And he is always tired on Tuesday. And to be very honest I don't really like the way of coaching. So quite unprofessional. And is like mix of all colour belt. Most of the time is wasted as they need to coach all different group. Not much focus. So I also quite ok for him to quit. Frankly the course is quite cheap. Per Term is only $30. So I can't complain much too.

Kids is always good to explore in many forms. Be it academic or in sports. I love them going sport is because instead of staring on tv, ipad, games! Kids should be running around. social with other kids. And of course enjoy what they do.

Our Place RC have a new class! Which is Soccer. We have been waiting for quite a while, before they have it in RC, I did some re search on those Private Soccer Club Lesson. Is way too ex! Every month is $380 which is a nono. So This came at the right time! Per month lesson fee is $80 which is very reasonable. So far Benson enjoyed his lesson. Only some distractions here and there but overall he enjoys the running around with his frens. And Daddy Ben is supportive to as He is Man Utd Supporter!Finger Cross and We Hope this last!

And We are Happy and Glad that we have the chance to be able to Join Football Fiesta! Which is held in Singapore Indoor Stadium. Some Friendly Match is going on, With Soccer Club from all over Singapore! Is a eye opener for all of us. As We usually never get a chance to go into Singapore Indoor Stadium! 

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