Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, November 25, 2016

Daddy Birthday 2016 !

Benson said that wanna do a Diy Cake for Daddy Birthday! So here we go. Bring him to Nex to do a Diy Cake.. He is damm excited as he always love to see me cook and help out in Kitchen , But when He asked me to bake i always reject him, reason is because Mummy is a really lousy baker. No matter how hard i try and also how many Youtube i watch. Haha The only bake stuff that I'm please is Pineapple tart. But hand will still be damm oily even after washing with many kinds of soap. And house will smell of butter for the next few days. And I will smell like one too. =D

Damm Excited!

Waiting for the Jie Jie to bring him the plain cake!

Why so long de? Haha

Simple Diy Kit With full of excitement
Did u see the rainbow? 

Colorful and Beautiful Cake with lots of Love <3 td="">

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