Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, June 4, 2012

Quiet Man & Quiet Woman

Saw This Photo posted By Mummy Regina Moo  In SMB .. Was thinking it should be a very interesting topic to blog... ^^

Firstly About Man:  I'm quite 100% Agree to the quote written in that Picture... Because When Ben is Quiet is either : He has fallen asleep while watching drama with me, or He is thinking about work, or even thinking of where to bring Me & Benson for our family outing... But Who knows.. ? He might be Quiet & not even thinking of anything... =D

Secondly I'm 200% very confirm about myself being Quiet means a bomb is going to exploded soon! It either means What u did make me piss off or I'm tired of talking about that issue or I'm very very piss ( Stay away from me mode ) & I better keep my mouth shout before I speak with a very rude manner... Of course I'm sure sometime I keep quiet for a good reason too.. Like example: How to keep my house cleaner than now. What should I cook for lunch, dinner? Where to go for the weekend? Or I'm just plain tired... Is simple... =D

So What are you thinking when u are Quiet?

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