Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekend Kampong Fun

We went to Gallop Stable new outlet at Punggol End... Is just newly open 1 week ago if i didn't get it wrong.. So everything is so new... & They have stayover room too.. Think is not cheap... Hub went to check it out.. Is about $165 per night... If want BBQ pit add in another $20... We will not consider of staying there because we live nearby so no point to stayover.. =) We bought 2,  $10 ticket for the horse ride, U can choose horse or pony...  but if for adult.. u have to be below 74kg .. But too bad Benson didn't wanna ride pony.. Then my nephew go ahead to have a ride... One more ticket is wasted.. =( But anyway... The horse there look super nice & the fur is super smooth! We went over to touch it... After the horse ride we didn't really stay long there because the weather is super hot!

This is the cabin for stayover.. Is super nice inside... =)

Then we head to Animal Farm.... Feeding goose, chicken, duck, fish, rabbit.. & The kids had lots of fun.. after all the feeding.. We settle ourself in the kampong style cafe... & order egg & coffee.. & chat with the friendly auntie.. Who is the owner for this farm.. =) I love that place... I love kampong.. haha.. We will sure be back there soon...

After all the animal fun.. We went to Jalan Kayu for lunch... Bak Kut Teh! Is so nice... =) I'm sure alot had heard about that place..

We had a super fun Day.. =) 


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