Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marine Life Park ~ Sea Aquarium

Been longing to go to " Marine Life Park " ! We waited long enough for the crowed to go off.. Haha.. & we plan this trip on a weekdays.. The day after Me & Ben came back from Genting... Which also means Benson is not going school the next day! Yeah! Some family time! Reached there about 11am to have our breakfast! & guess what! We had the most ex fishball noodle ever! At toast box... It cost $8.50 for a bowl.. Haha.. Ya.. What do we expect right... RWS lei... sure gonna cost more... But anyway.. The fishball noodle tasted so bad... no taste at all.. Hub had bread with kaya & butter.. Yums!

Yeah! Finally we are going!

Happy Daddy Ben

Super ex & tasteless fishball noodle

Benson is super hungry

 Then we go to Marine Life Park straight away after breakfast.. That's what I like about weekdays! means no need to Q to buy ticket... Is quiet.. Peaceful.. We can take our own sweet time to walk & slow watch the fishes swim by... Isn't it great? First time hear Hub saying that the money is worth spending there.. Haha.. Which means is really good... because he seldom will say that... Trust me! & I'm very very proud to be a Singaporean actually.. Living in Singapore.. with so many great upcoming place to hangout... =)

The fish is under our feet! Cool...

Feeding time...

He is getting excited... =)

We had a great time watching all the fishes & walking around enjoying the air con too.. Outside is damm hot... & Guess what ! We have touched the star fish.. Which I used to be super scared to touch any sea creature.. Because I find it yucky.. I guess being a mother does change me in many ways & to explore more with Benson... =) We took 3 hrs to complete this trip... & Went to Vivo & had our dinner... Marche!

By the way.. I snap over 200 photo! So i'm gonna choose a few to put here...

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