Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Year Celebration for 2014

New Year Eve there Celebration in school... =) Benson went to school for few hours celebration & I went to Supermarket to buy some food for Tonight Steamboat Celebration.. Every Year When there is Celebration normally will always be Steamboat.. Because is easy.. & We just cook whatever we wanna eat.. & Is my fav! Hehe.. Mum bring Prawn & Fish from market... The prawn is so big & yummy! I think i have plenty of it that night...

After dinner... We went to Punggol Countdown Carnival... This year is super duper disappointing comparing to last year.. Last year there's still fireworks with great view.. This years is totally nothing.. Only some game & food stall.. With stage concert... & Is a disco theme... But anyway I'm glad that been able to Celebrate this Special Day with My Love ones... =) More to come...


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