Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lo Hei

I super love Lo Hei after I preggy with Benson... When I was still preggy.. I can eat so much Lo Hei myself... & I can tell u! The craving is still there till now! It just feel so nice having to eat up all those veg with the sour plum sauce... But not the raw fish! because I don't eat raw food.. So we gather at Ah yi place again... Frankly I really lost track which day is this! Too many photo! I couldn't remember the day... But anyway... Lo Hei is Benson fav too.. Because He feels that is like playing tossing around all the food.. & everyone shouting " HUAT AH " Lol... & really thanks Aunt for cooking dinner for all of us.. So yummy! hehe..

Every New Year is more like a Love & Hate feeling for me... I love the Gathering, Fun & Laughter!... But I don't like the putting on weight after Cny... I will always realize I get so bloated or feel so bloated after Cny.... haha...

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