Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, April 29, 2016

Benson's 6th Birthday!

This is a very outdated post and really feeling bad about it =/ As work has been too much, Too tired. Well Here it goes.

Benson requested Strawberry shortcake for his school celebration =) And he asked what mummy is gonna buy for his friends. We went daiso to buy some portable water bags. Like a water bottle, Is more compact type of bottle.

Couldn't imagine how time flies, From Birth till now, It feels like a zoom, I really miss all the part of growing up together with him, But i blame myself that did treasure as much as i should, I took it for granted. That's why now i learned to treasure and spending more time with him. 

My Little Darling Boy ,

We Wish u Happy Birthday & We Love u very much. Stay Happy And Cheerful. May U enjoy life to the fullness !

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