Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Benson 21 Months Old...

Benson is already 21 Months Old.. He have grow till so tall le.. Realize the different today! Yeah! I'm sure he is going to be a tall & handsome boy next time.. Lol... 老王卖瓜, 自卖自呱... =) He trying to learn new words lately.. Benson love drinking soup.. So I bought a small plastic bowl for him so he can easily scoop up with his spoon.. I will try my best to boil more soup as possible...

Yesterday went to Suntec meet hubby to have our dinner.. & to order the Christmas food for our mini Christmas party which is on the Eve of Christmas.. Benson love looks at all those Christmas light in the mall.. Keep on pointing at it when I say light light.. =) then bring him to play his fav basketball game... Then head home to rest..

Yesterday get to know from Sis saying that daddy have been feeling depress after his health check.. My heart cried for him & I feel so heartache seeing my daddy being upset.. I just hope that God will answer my prayers..

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