Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Talkative Benson...

Benson have Been quite talkative lately.. =) I can see that he is making a lot of effort on the words he trying to tell me.. He lately keep say car car.. LOL.. & I really see the different in him this week after we came back from Phuket.. After finish his meal.. He will take the plate & ask me to open the kitchen gate or pass it to me to put it in the sink.. Throw his own rubbish in the bin =) this same little action makes me really happy.. & proud of him.. I hope we r able to talk to each other real soon..

Today went to his playgroup to get his uniform.. Was asking teacher Jay when the school open.. She say will be 3jan or 4jan.. But will inform us again.. Ordered 2 tee , 2 shorts, 1 school bag which printed " talent plus " ... Benson seem to love the school very much.. He even ask me to take off his shoes to join the class.. Ha! Looking forward to the day his school starts =)

Sigh!! Still in confuse state of weather should I ask hubby to buy the indoor playground for him a not.. Is abt $100 after neg... But don't know why I'm confuse!! Arr... Believe it a not.. Yesterday night I dream of that indoor playground again... Is that consider a sign? I don't know.. Will ask hubby again tmr...

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