Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2013

As usual.. All of the family member will gather at my granny place.. =) We having steamboat.. Hehe.. That's my fav... Hehe... Benson is a little naughty so he get a little whack from me... After he went to school.. I realize that he is getting a little out of hands at times... Well... Think this is just a passing stage.. =) Helped granny to wrap up wanton... While Daddy & Hub Ben bring Benson out... Haha.. But after a while.. Hear Benson crying his way back home.... Because Hub Ben stop him from requesting to buy toys... As he has so many toys at home now.. Can u imagine.. One of the empty room now is filled up with his toy? Almost the whole room is full.. Oops... That's is the reason we stopped him from buying more.... But after a while Benson calm down.. Then dinner is about to start.. Due to the space of the dinning table is not enough.. Every year we took turn... Hehe.. After Aunt & her family finish.. Then is our turn... =) I'm very happy... because This special day We spend lots of time together as a family.. eating on the same table.. All chatting & smiling.. Is a blessing... ^^ Don't u think so?

My fav...

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