Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 ( Chu 1 )

Chinese New Year Chu 1... We went to mother in law place first in the morning...^^ Woke up early... Hub Ben went to bath together with Benson... Then I prepared bags for later outing de.... Then shower, Make up, Dress up... Set & Go!

Second place is Granny place... =) Meeting Mum , Dad, Sister they all go god grandpa house for visiting... Benson ate a few bak kwa... Omg haha.. Then i try to ask him to drink more water.. Because is very heaty... He had lots of fun running around.... & jumping here & there...  When we were about to leave... It rained outside.. Is a super wet wet wet new year... indeed is " Water Snake " Year.. Haha... Couldn't get a cab... even on call also don't have.. So we decided to take bus to Ah yi place instead..

Every new year I'm always black.. Haha...

Reached Ah Yi place.. Eaten some food.. Then Sis went to buy Mac for us & the kids.. We had drinking session at Ah yi place.. Hehe.. Every year is like that...

We went back around 7 plus.. Benson KO straight in cab when we on our way home... Because he didn't take any nap at all.. I slept super early too.. At 10pm.. Super tired... Haha...

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