Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rainy Day

It has been a wet wet wet year... It rained almost daily! When it didn't rain.. The sun is super burning hot.. & That's explain why so many people is visiting the clinic... Because We already feeling the sore throat & stuffy nose.. This is a back dated post.. Hehe.. Because I was too excited to blog abt Chinese New Year Post.. So here it goes...

One rainy day.. I picked up Benson from school... I regretted not waiting for a cab & took a bus instead... As I'm confident that i can handle this.. Reached School.. Dress Benson up in his raincoat.. Then head to Bus stop... It rained super heavy! Even water slip in thru into the raincoat! I thought the sale person actually confirm that the water will not get thru the coat.. I was wrong to have trusted her... But anyway we waited at the bus stop... & the bus is freezing cold when we board! So scare that Benson will fell sick... I wrap him up with his blanket... Reached home.. Super shag... Haha... So.. Decided next time no more bus! When is rainy outside... =)

Benson enjoyed himself walking in the rain with his raincoat on.. Haha.. He was giggling all the way to bus stop... Cute max isn't it? Haha.. Childhood is fun.. Sometime we just wish that we can be like little children & play in the rain...

Very cute hor?

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