Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spending time & Bonding As a Couple

Now after Benson had started his childcare & due to some reason.. Hub Ben is not working at the moment.. So we date quite a bit... Take it as bonding session for us... We will go for breakfast.. movie.. Walk around.. Of course spring clean for cny.. Is the best time to spring clean because we won't have a third hand messing up the place while we clean... Haha... oops... Our love grew so much during this break.. =) we have endless topic to talk about... Holding hands... Talk & giggle like any couple outside... Then we will go pick Benson up together..

Taking mrt to vivo... Do u see the glow in us? Haha...

Breakfast at Compass Point

Hub Fav

This Tom Yum Hor Fun is spicy!

My New Sunglasses...

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