Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinese New Year ( Chu 3 )

On Chu 2 We didn't really go any visiting.. Only went to granny place to relax.. Hehe.. But on Chu 3 We went to Hub Frenz home for visiting... Every year... This home is a must to visit... =) Auntie is so nice.. She bring out some toys for Benson to get busy with... Hahaha.. We talked & gather.. In the mid Afternoon Benson is a little cranky due to sleepy i guess.. Because is after his nap time already & he hasn't nap at all.. After a little drama.. We went to granny place again.. Benson fell asleep on our way there..

On chu 2 We are trying our luck.. Haha... 

Benson Chu 3 Outfit.. Hehe..

Look at that Busy boy... LOL..

We are both Named " Wendy " Haha

Play cutting at granny place

Look at how serious can this boy be.. Hehe.. Chef in the making..

Our Baby wanna grow up so fast... He wanna do everything himself..

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