Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine Day 2013

This time Hub Ben & I had our date without Benson because Valentine Day fall on a weekday... After Benson goes childcare.. We went for Brunch , Movie, Then to my requested Valentine present.. Which is Brazilian Wax... Is the first time i try this salon.. Normally i went to strip.. That lady that serve me is very friendly & fast.. Which is good.. is still gonna be painful but with skillful people to do it for it just makes it better... Hehe.. & Don't forget to breathe in & out while having it done.. =) I prefer this more than rose or flower.. Hehe... =) We enjoyed our day... After our dating session we went back home to fetch Benson...

" Love is Hard & It always will be , Whenever we had disagreement, it still hurts But That's a good sign that we still care for each other .. May Our love last forever , I love u dearly "

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