Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, February 18, 2013


After Chinese New Year, Is back to school days again... Benson first week in school is perfectly fine... But when school reopen after Cny... Nightmare begin... He cried badly... & He requested that he wanna to be on school bus.. So we engage school bus for him since he wanted it so much.. To be hones.. is damm exp! We are just staying maybe 2~3 bus stop away from his childcare center.. But guess how much we are paying for this ride? a full $130 ! I think is totally unreasonable pricing.. But anyway.. Since Benson wanted it.. We just engage for him... another reason is because is more easy on rainy days... At least we could pick him up at the shelter 1 block away from us... =)

I have been hearing a few days of whining & crying wanting mama in the morning.. & refused to wear his uniform.. So i have no choice but to let him wear his home clothes... =.= At least PE clothes he is still ok.. But is when he reaches school... Wearing shoes is a terrible thing in the morning... Because he refused.. Haha.. So advance about 10 mins i need to get him fully ready to be able to reached downstairs before the bus come.. Which is why having school bus is stressful too.. Because we are racing with time in order to be on time at the pick up area... Phew... Hehe...

I have seen some changes in Benson.. I don't know why after he goes to childcare.. He temper is getting bad & also he is more demanding... Hmm... Still alot of question mark in my head.. But of course i called up the school talking to the teacher in charge of Benson class & also his principle.. They did their best to call me & feedback to me about my worries & how Benson is doing in school... When Benson refused to goes to school makes me even more worry .. & alot of question start popping out in my head.. Was thinking is he unhappy in school? or did he not get along with his classmate? Or did teacher scream or scolded him badly? I really don't know.. Of course we do sit down with Benson to ask why he doesn't wanna go school.. He just reply say he wanna stay home with mama... Which maybe the reason is really that simple.. He just wanna stay home with me... I really do hope so... Strange part is... After school every time we will asked if he enjoyed school.. he will say yes... Till the very next morning when he is awake & preparing the whining & crying will sure start again... & Of course as a mother.. It breaks my heart.. & it sadden me to see that.. & also stressful for everyone too... Now i begin to wonder when will he stop crying & enjoy school? When we decided to put him into childcare.. I'm giving super lots of positive energy & also explain how school would be like.. But now.. I hope i still can be very positive to face this issue...

He is trying to help me clean up..

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