Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tricks & Treats

From the last post I have talk about how badly Benson cried when he is going school.... So We use a little Trick... Like promise him that we will bring him to sand play or playground if the weather allows us to do that... First day he think quite a bit before deciding to wear shoes... & I ensure him that if weather is good .. we will have fun after his school.. Hehe.. He board the bus without crying... & of course.. We did what we promised! & thanks to the weather too.. =) So we carrying on using it for 3~4 days... Till today.. no problem.. Hope I don't jinx it...

Finally My brave boy is not crying.. =) 

i don't know why... but this car that ah yi bought sure give him a sense of secure when he wanna go school...

Promise is a Promise... =) We bring him for sand play after school..

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