Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fever Virus

Yesterday Morning Benson is still feeling all fine & active playing with his new Thomas train set before getting change for school..

 All went well & he went up the school bus & goes to school.. At about 9.30am while I'm having breakfast with Mother in law at nearby coffee shop.. Received a call from the school.. Saying that Benson is having high fever... So i start asking how high is his fever...Teacher told me was 38.9... Which i start to panic.. Because is just too sudden for me... & 38.9 is consider quite high for kids.. So I quickly rush & wanna take a cab.. but that timing is super hard to get one.. So i took a bus in there.. Reached school... I was shock when I see my poor boy lying down sleeping with a wet cloth on his forehead to cool him down from the fever... His lips was pale... I try to on call cab because i try not to carry him out under a hot sun for bus.. I call & call.. But there is not a single cab available... =.= I'm getting a little impatient... time while waiting for a cab seem like forever.. Luckily there is someone alight outside the school gate.. & Teacher went over to ask the uncle if he can fetch us... Phew.. luckily he ok.. So we board the cab & went straight to the clinic...

Upon reaching the clinic.. We are lucky that there is not much people waiting.. our turn came within 15 mins..  Doctor check his temp.. is 38.2... & check if there is any ulcer on his hand & feet & mouth... Because I told doc that there is 2 case of HFMD in school... There is one ulcer spotted in his mouth near throat.. But doc say that the ulcer doesn't seem like HFMD... So we need to observe him for another few days... Doctor insert a pill in Benson's butt in order to bring down the temp faster.. & also Given panadol & Bufen to bring home just in case the fever comes back...

Reached home.. His temp drop due to the butt pill.... after a while he took a nap.. till about 4 plus pm he start complaining cold... Check his temp , knowing that the fever is coming back.. Wanna feed him panadol but he cried badly... He feel really bad... Give him hugs & ensure him that after medicine he will feed better.. & a little force is apply in order to get him fully drink up the panadol..

I'm glad that he is feeling better... & finger cross that is not HFMD... He keep telling me that he wanna go school.. I told him when he recover he will return back to school.. =)

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